A ‘Rare Sport In Donegal’



Derryveagh Mountains, County Donegal

Climber Iain Miller writes:

Shot the day after [Storm] Emma left Donegal, this is an 80m high ice cascade with a near vertical section at about 40m.

Ice climbing in Donegal is such a rare sport with 2010 being the last winter that weather stayed cold enough to allow ice to form and build thickness to allow climbing.

In the distant shot (pic 2) I am arrowed to get a sense of scale of the ice cascade…

All the places ice in the county has been climbed in the past is in the free winter guide to Donegal…

Unique Ascent

12 thoughts on “A ‘Rare Sport In Donegal’

  1. Dermie

    People like these really annoy me. All it takes is one slip and then they have to call the emergency services to come and pick them up and in doing so risk their lives let alone thousands of Euros.

    1. ____

      You understand that if there was nobody doing what he’s doing, there’d be nobody with the skills to join mountain-rescue?

      People who do these kinds of sports put huge effort into developing the skills to do it, to deal with when it goes wrong and are well prepared. They know exactly what they’re getting themselves into, do it all the time and incidents are rare.

      Rescue services don’t mind having to help these folks if needed, they mind having to go after people who wander off into mountains unprepared, with no idea of the what they’re doing.

      1. scottser

        Exactly and I’m sure the climber would have made rescue aware he was doing it beforehand.

    2. Joe

      They use anchors like rock climbing as they move up. A bit easier than rock climbing as you’ll always have foot holds.

  2. jason

    Dermie, I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed for anyone in all my life, what a dull life you must lead. Or your just a troll.

  3. Murtles

    De Missus : Iain the fire is on, here’s a nice cuppa tay with a lovely toasted ham and cheese sambo and there’s a great film on the telly.

    Iain : Nah feck it, I’m off to climb a frozen waterfall.

    (Cue the Eastenders style drum beat)

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