The Inner Mind


Graphite drawings and oil paintings by London based artist Miles Johnston.

Part of an upcoming solo show next month at Last Rites Gallery in New York, if you’re passing.


8 thoughts on “The Inner Mind

    1. Tony

      Except it’s not really like Rasher’s stuff at all except maybe that it features women. Does gimmicky mean similar to other artists work? Sure you could say that about any artist

      1. Digs

        Different style similar compositions and themes. Childish stuff. Not really big thinkers. Google the comparisons yourself. It’s awful stuff.

        1. Tony

          Sorry Digs. Not buying it. You can keep your Google search! Ive seen Kavanagh’s work in real life you sketchy divil!

  1. Gabby

    Good graphical skills here that seem to owe inspiration to René Magritte and Salvador Dali among others.

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