Free Tomorrow?


A public lecture tomorrow at 6pm in Lecture Theatre 4079 hosted by the Department of Law at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

In 2012, Colorado together with Washington State became the first jurisdictions in the world to regulate cannabis for recreational use, having earlier regulated for medicinal use in 2000 and 1998 respectively.

The lecture will analyse key economic data from Colorado such as tax revenue, pricing, and job creation and “evaluate the opportunity cost to the Irish economy plus the continuing and future cost of prohibition in Ireland”.

Roll! Fight!


Thanks Niall

20 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow?

  1. louislefronde

    Cool, I’m definitely going to that. I’ve put July 1st in my diary when we officially have marijuana legalisation in Canada. Really, the Irish Government should get the finger out on this one.

    1. realPolithicks

      Here in Massachusetts we will also allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use beginning on July 1st. It has been legal to buy it since November 2016 and the sky hasn’t fallen on us yet, its time for all states and countries to make this legal.

  2. Pat Harding

    +4 Million..

    I was in L.A. last month, and the dispensaries are excellent. They even deliver weed to your front door and the quality is superb, none of that muck you get back home. But unfortunately Fossets Circus are missing some clowns and they’re hiding out in…… The Department of Health!

  3. The Ghost of Starina

    My ma lives in Washington state. She has a loyalty card for the weed shop, which amuses me to no end. She had her ovaries removed last year and got pain-relief specific edibles beforehand, which were way easier on her liver, kidneys, stomach etc than OTC painkillers, considering the length of her recovery time.

    1. Louis Lefronde

      W.A. is so far advanced on this. British Columbia is not far behind, well just over the border actually.

      1. The Ghost of Starina

        badum-tish. true stoner humour right here. BC still needs a prescription, doesn’t it? Though it’s super-easy to acquire one.

  4. Fweed

    “Spliffing” Good Show, should be fun.

    Lol Pat, it’s true the four horses of the Irish apocalypse: Ignorance, Incompetence, Laziness and Stupidity took over the Department of Health years ago. If your village is missing an idiot, it’s usually in the Dail or in the D.O.H.

  5. louislefronde

    @Broadsheet. I hope you guys are doing another 4.20 show this year. I realise it’s on a Friday this year and Broadsheet on the Telly goes out on Thursday evenings Irish Time. But I nearly died laughing when Johnny lit up a joint on last year’s show. Actually any chance, I can get a live action replay?

  6. Kyya

    I worked in a dispensary last year in Oregon during my J1, the ‘tips’ were excellent and so were my work ‘buds’. I’m not going to miss this. See you there Louis ;-)

    1. Elastic

      No surprise there. The levels of paranoia and schizoid insanity are through the roof on here.

  7. mildred st. meadowlark

    Why are comments turned off on Rory’s piece?

    It was a very interesting read, and Clampers posted some links that look like they’ll be good too.

  8. Truth in the News

    Varadkar ought to visit Smiths Falls Ontario and have a gawk at on operational weed growing
    facility, what the Blueshirts lost out on Water Tax they’d easily pull in weed tax, they could even
    get rid of the Property Tax too,…imagine the Tourist potential….a win win opportunity.

  9. Johnny Keenan

    Oh lads it’s great see everyone on the same vibe for once on a Broadsheet thread.
    It gives my little stoned heart comfort to know every little thing is going to be alright.
    Get to the meeting and and spread the word.
    In order for this to seriously happen it has to be a joint operation.

    Information Is Knowledge
    Knowledge Is Power
    Power To The Peaceful
    Because Peaceful People Are Reasonable People

    #StonersCode #

    1. gavin

      Information is actually not Knowledge, Knowledge is what happens when information gets in your noggin.

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