Tallaght And The Truth


The Echo Chamber podcast.

Hosts Tony Groves (left) and Martin McMahon (right) welcome Solidarity’s Paul Murphy (centre) into the ‘tortoise shack’.

Martin writes:

Events at the Lidl in Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght gave a green light to the hard right (government TDs included) to come out and smear an entire working class community over the actions of a few.

So we were delighted to be joined by Solidarity TD for Dublin South West Paul Murphy to discuss tackling class warfare, where to next for the Water Charges movement and what a real Left alternative might look like…

The Echo Chamber

50 thoughts on “Tallaght And The Truth

  1. Neilo

    ‘Hard right’….saints preserve us. Subscribes to the Echo Chamber podcast immediately. Not.

  2. Eoin

    I was shocked at the attempt to demonise the people of Jobstown and Tallaght in the press, based on the actions of a handful of opportunistic thieves. But I don’t think it’s about left/right wing politics. It’s about snobbery.

    1. curmudgeon

      It’s also about the failure of the government to legislate for mandatory sentencing, and to allocate funding for increased prison capacties.

  3. Andrew

    No hard right Tony. That’s just nonsense.
    The people most guilty of generalising about people from a particular area such as Jobstown is the left as far as I can see. Many of whom defended the looting and tacitly approved of it, after all the ‘people’ were only putting food on the table as if that’s what people from Jobstown would do. Even when it obviouisly wasn’t food being stolen.
    The left see only see welfare as an answer as if that’s all people deserve and would want.
    Dr. Niamh Purseíl for example deleted her tweet fairly rapidly in the aftermath.

      1. Anomanomanom

        That was me, quick easy and cheap. Any caught looting is scum. And its not a stereotype about jobstown, its a fact. I lived in tallaght for a while so I know the area pretty well. The decent people who live there would leave in a heart beat if they could get housing.

        1. Nigel

          Ah, right, sorry Andrew. Still, though. Hard left reactions really don’t hold a candle to calls for pubic executions without trial, do they?

          1. Neilo

            @Nigel: I would have cited Miike as a potential director but most cinéastes can only stomach so much.

          2. Nigel

            The Cronenberg/Miike Collaboration No-one Was Asking For In Fact They Were Begging Them Not To.

      2. Andrew

        Nope! not me Nigel. You might disagree with me on a lot of things but I would never make a comment like that.

    1. spudnick

      This is exactly it. It’s only these lads and their Twitter mates who seem to have invented the lumping-in of the general population of Jobstown who were hit by this robbery with the knackbags who actually carried it out. The thoughts of anybody normal instantly figured it was a few local bad apples ruining it for everybody.

      But here we are with the bigotry of low expectations where those supposedly championing working class people are using them to make excuses for straight-up thuggery. It’s incredibly patronising to insinuate that you somehow have to expect a lower standard of civiilisation from working-class areas.

      1. Taunton

        The people that operate in this particular part of the left are total hypocrites, they complain about lack of jobs in disadvantaged areas, yet when a place of work that provide people with a living wage is destroyed by thugs, they justify it by implying that they were only putting food on the table and the faceless corporation got what it deserved. Their equality won’t improve the lives of anyone, but it would lessen the quality of life of many.

          1. Taunton

            ohhhh look it is the silly little communist.

            You never did say who you think will be Taoiseach after the next election.

    2. realPolithicks

      “The people most guilty of generalising about people from a particular area such as Jobstown is the left as far as I can see.”

      Can you please provide some links to the comments you’re referring to?

  4. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Has Paul Murphy turned into Brian Eno?

    Ambient 5 on LIDL: The Sound of White Bread.

  5. Jake38

    “……..Paul Murphy to discuss tackling class warfare………….”

    I thought class warfare was what Murphy was all about.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Didn’t know the Liffey was in Jobstown.
      When was he convicted of thuggish behaviour in Jobstown?

  6. Harry Molloy

    The only people associating the entire population of Tallaght with the dirtbags who pulled that building down at this stage are the lads on this pod cast

    newsflash : everyone knows that the 99% of the people in tallaght, and everywhere else for that matter, are bang on and are just trying to do their best without hurting anyone else.

    So stfu because I said so

    1. Andrew

      +! Harry.
      I’m not sure whether this podcast is just lazy thinking; or is it just simply a deficit of intellect?

  7. gavin

    I dont buy that the community in around where this happened are not partially to blame. The video shows 20+ people standing around watching and cheering while they use a digger to try and open a safe as well as stealing items from Lidil. Clearly the thugs at the centre of this felt that there would be no repercussions from the community and at worst they might get the stink eye. Does anyone on here feel the same actions would have stood a chance of happening in their own area?

    1. Cian

      Yes. If this happened in Foxrock [or insert other posh area] I don’t think that the locals would have behaved much differently.
      They may have ‘tut-tut’ed. Possibly less cheering. But they would have stood around and watched. And clutched at their pearls most likely

    2. Joe

      Id it happened in my area the community would have stepped in to stop it. That I know for certain.

    1. Andrew

      She has actually either left Twitter completely or made her profile private very quickly afterwards. This was all around the same time Mr.Connors deleted his tweet.

  8. Joe

    They didn’t impact the reputation of the working class folk (They aren’t part of that group) they impacted the reputation of the area they live in. If I went on a rampage and tore up my neighbourhood I wouldn’t be ruining the reputation of the middle income worker (the true working class) id be ruining the reputation of my neighbourhood.

  9. painkiller

    Politicised reporting will lead people to wonder why the substance of the story was downplayed…nothing “hard right” about that.

    The Irish Times gave the impression the 9 arrested were in dire need of what they stole: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/nine-men-charged-in-connection-with-looting-in-tallaght-1.3414315

    And no mention of the roof being destroyed, despite the youtube video showing some 15-20 men standing around the safe waiting for their share – presumably that was the motivation of using the digger in the first place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJDRHvomVIE

    You would hope the guards would have at least grabbed the guy driving the digger.

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