Breaking Brexit


The ‘Here’s How‘ current affairs podcast

Host William Campbell (right) writes:

Sandra Khadouri (above left) is one of the founders of a new British political party Renew Britain, which hopes to mitigate or stop the planned Brexit next year.

The Here’s How podcast asks her what exactly they hope to do, and what their chances of success are….

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32 thoughts on “Breaking Brexit

  1. fergalfurious

    Neolib globalists wanting to pretend democracy doesn’t exist.
    There’s a novelty.

  2. Eoin

    I’m sure the plan will involve isolating Britain from potential non EU trade partners, like Russia, so Brexit no longer seems good or even possible.

  3. painkiller

    Who are the fascists that seek to undermine the majority?
    …the relentless effort to reverse the Brexit vote brings Pinky And The Brain to mind.

    1. fergalfurious

      Do you have the thought police on speed-dial to report us?
      Or are you just too young to remember Nice II and and Lisbon II?

      1. some old queen

        I am asking because the vitriol towards anyone from Britain who was in the 48% remain and growing appears not to post here, is all.

      2. ReproBertie

        Nice II and Lisbon II when, in a display of the democratic principles of the EU, Irish concerns were dealt with before the amended treaties were presented to the people?

        After Nice was rejected Ireland obtained a declaration on Irish neutrality and after Lisbon was rejected Ireland got declarations on taxation, workers rights and, again, on neutrality and got to retain a commissioner.

        Of course it’s easier to ignore the realities and just go with the No campaign’s story about the poor Irish electorate being forced to vote again.

        1. fergalfurious

          The 2008 crash wouldn’t have been nearly as disastrous as it was without Bertie forcing Nice down our throats to intertwine our economy so much with foreign banks.
          Irish neutrality was given away a couple of months ago via PESCO by FG.
          Of course you neglect to mention the promise we received that we could keep our ban on abortion which FG is currently giving away via the laughably anti-democratic “Citizen’s Assembly”.
          Fascists like you just hate democracy. Luckily the rule of law means something in the UK.

          1. david

            Plus if finegael if in power would of slashed taxes as stated in the years running up to the bust in election campaigning and dail debates questions etc
            They pushed for more spending and massive tax cuts
            Google all the speeches by enda Kenny in the boom
            But alas Bertie was in power then fall guy cowan

          2. ReproBertie

            “Bertie forcing Nice down our throats” Was there a FF thug standing over you when you went to vote? You did vote didn’t you? Just like the majority who voted to accept Nice and Lisbon once Irish concerns were dealt with.
            The ban on abortion is not being given away, the people are going to vote on it. That’s democracy, something you seem to have an issue with.

    2. stupidoulwan

      I wouldn’t

      I really think most of the these clowns don’t exist beyond the internet

      Soon the people will realise they are being trolled and there will be a huge and hopefully violent backlash

      1. fergalfurious

        I abhor violence but a conflict between effete eurocentrics and leave voters would be quite a spectacle.

        1. Nigel

          Remember that time a leave voter assassinated an effete eurocentric? Quite a spectacle that was.

  4. david

    The people voted out
    That means out
    Those who represent them must do what the people want
    Its out out out fully stop
    Will paddy and the Reich get that into their thick skulls

    1. stupidoulwan

      You’re as thick as a *number of scaffolding planks

      *probably 3 or 4 but it could be as many as 30

      1. david

        Evidently you do not understand what the British voted for
        It was out
        The people spoke
        Is it too much for the fiscal space between your ears

        1. stupidoulwan

          I wish I could say you’re a breath of fresh air round these parts david

          you’re more like a really bad case of flatulence

          1. david

            More like a ill wind blows no body any good
            Lets face it
            The EU with its unbending arrogance are to blame
            Cameron went over looking for a few concessions he could give his people, some sort of thing that could of stifled the leave brigade, he was sent back home with a flea in his ear
            You see the result now
            If Britain survives and prospers outside the EU other powerhouse economies will also question the merits of being in that said union
            Short term Britain will suffer but long term free from the constraints of a Reich they will do very well in a free world able to negotiate as a single entity compared with a one size fits all

        2. Nigel

          Funny thing was if Brexit wasn’t turning into such a risible shambles this might not have been an issue and you wouldn’t be fascistically attacking people exercising their democratic right to work for their political aims.

      1. Frilly Keane

        I love his hair

        those curls have a Beast
        like in Beauty and the
        grandeur about them

        he can lock me up in a castle anytime

        1. some old queen

          Swishy long haired bisexuals annoy me, mainly because they are also bottoms.

          Being unemployed and gay is not just a rural Irish thing you know, although mainly it is.

          1. Frilly Keane

            It’s good to talk, better out than in


            In the meantime
            Gimme swishy hair anytime over a shining skull

            Especially if one is ticklish
            It can be quite helpful

          2. david

            Is a bottom the one who is ?
            If so I think we qualify for this
            lets face it we resulted in being ? In the donkey by the EU when we looked for help post crash
            Remember this as we see post brexit

    2. ReproBertie


      “It’ll be easy”, lied the Sasamachs.
      “They need us more than we need them”, lied the Sasamachs.
      “We’ll take back control of our borders”, lied the racist Sasamachs.
      “We’ll hold all the cards in the negotiations”, lied the Sasamachs.
      “We’ll have millions to spend on the NHS”, lied the Sasamachs.

      And now the Sasamachs, seeing that their lies are obvious to the entire world, are screaming about the people having spoken and the bullying EU as they desperately try to scrabble together anything at all that they can claim as a win.

    1. david

      From our prospective
      A world trundled on quite successfully pre EU and it will post brexit
      I see other nations outside the EU do quite well

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