This afternoon.

John Gallen writes:

Not sure in what town exactly this was taken. Somewhere along the Wild Atlantic Way judging by the signage…

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26 thoughts on “Ah Here

  1. Paddy Keane

    Now that’s a proper Parade

    None’ah yer fancy viewing stands, Grand Marshall leading American cheer leaders and dancing bands

    Hon’ the Not Dublin Ireland

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Last time I looked there was still a Dublin to Cork road…
          don’t let us keep you here against your will.

  2. david

    Judging by the standards of the building and the cut of the people must be Dublin
    I would say they nicked the wild atlantic way signs

  3. Atticus

    Oh it gets better. There’s a video doing the round with even more shenanigans. Shopping trolleys, tracksuits, SWAT teams, etc.

  4. Shayna

    Go bhúil sé na trí postí – there are 3 sign posts, I know it doesn’t help to identify, As Gaeilge isn’t always the answer? NI, no Asssembly/Direct Rule/Feed the crocodile/gay cakes/RHI/Brexit – I’m thinking the signs don’t point towards the North?

    1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      There’s an Orange weather warning only. Not a Green, White, and Orange warning.

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