Crisis Acting


This afternoon.

Shannon Airport, County Clare.

Members of An Garda Siochana and Defence Forces take part in a ‘bilateral training exercise’ facilitated by Shannon Airport Authority.

The focus of the exercise is to examine “the response to a simulated major armed incident by local Gardaí, Garda operational and strategic command personnel, ERU (Emergency Response Unit), ASU (Regional Armed Support Unit) and the Garda Air Support Unit”.

The exercises  include the Defence Forces ‘tri-service assets’ including Army perimeter security and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), Naval Service and Air Corps assets and Shannon Airport Police personnel.

Gives them a day out.


34 thoughts on “Crisis Acting

      1. realPolithicks

        I was about to say that “jusayinlike” might be Bodger’s nom de plume, but then it occurred to me that “Bodger’ is Bodger’s nom de plume.

  1. david

    Where are the gardai and the army?
    All I see is unmarked individuals armed to the teeth
    Can we do anything properly like at least identification that they are not jihadists impersonating the armed forces and police

    1. rotide

      Clearly by studying the 3 low res jpegs available to you, you have gotten to the heart of the matter.

        1. rotide

          That the Gardai and the Army wern’t there because David can’t see them in the three photos provided.

          1. david

            This is pretty serious
            Imagine if you were on the ground in a real attack and the defence forces appeared wearing that gear

          2. david

            Are you serious
            If you are you are a right plonker
            Look around the world SWAT teams seals anti terror all clearly marked and for a reason
            But here if this is what we do well god help us

          3. Nigel

            David. David. Calm down. Breathe, Look around you. Count to ten. Now backwards. Now consider. Think. Is it possible, nay, is it likely to a high degree of probability, that the armed individuals in the photos above depicting a training exercise of a simulated terrorist attack, with their lack of identifying markers, might, just might, be the people playing the terrorists in said simulation? Just a thought! Just a thought! Carry on. As you were.

          4. ReproBertie

            Nigel are you suggesting that the long blade carried by the unidentified individual in the second picture isn’t standard garda equipment?

    2. Markus

      If they released photos of what identified themselves as “not jihadists impersonating the armed forces and police” would the future jihadists impersonating the armed forces and police not just wear it in the future making it more difficult to tell whether they were actual jihadists impersonating the armed forces and police?

    3. Murtles

      They were the terrorists. Gardaí and Army “called in” after these lads (and at least one lassie) took over.

    4. Papi

      Dude, thinking prior to posting. We’ve talked about this. One day, you might actually have a point, and it’ll be all lost in your pathological need to mash the buttons on your, what’s now beginning to be clear, really bad phone.

  2. SqualkToJoe

    The inability of the present administration to distinguish between legitimate mission readiness exercises and photocalls is deeply troubling.

    I struggle to see the rationale behind making these exercises a media event.

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