A  new poster campaign by Fweed

May also get you high, apparently.

Niall Neligan writes:

With 4/20 just around the corner, its time to put cannabis regulation firmly on the political agenda.

As the movement to regulate cannabis for both adult and medicinal use spreads across North America and beyond, it is time for the Irish government to chart a clear regulatory course that will transition an illicit market worth approximately €1Billion per annum into a regulated market.

If properly done, a regulated market could generate as much as €300 million in additional revenue for the state each year and create 15,000 new jobs by 2025.

Given developments elsewhere, and the real likelihood that European states such as the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, the Czech Republic (not to mention Germany) will most likely regulate by 2021, can Ireland really afford to miss out  by relying on outdated policies born out of ignorance and social conservativeism?

The economic and business case for Regulation of Cannabis for Medical and Adult use is now sufficiently strong to end the failed policy of prohibition and allow Ireland and Irish companies to participate in The Green Rush…



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  1. Pat Harding

    I like the posters, the Government has to face up to the fact that it’s a question of “if” cannabis regulation occurs it’s now just a question of when?

    Prohibition doesn’t work, it creates an unregulated illicit market that is dominated predominantly by criminal gangs. Regulation on the other hand establishes standards and has been proven to push criminal gangs out of the market in the jurisdictions where it has been introduced.

    The key to winning the argument is economic, the amount of money states like Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Washington are making from regulation is a slam dunk.

    1. scottser

      it’s not just what the state makes in revenue, it’s what it saves in penal costs.

    2. david

      Apparently the legal cannabis for medicinal purposes according to reports a couple of months ago will cost the patient or medical card 1600 euro a month
      Enough to keep dope heads stoned for three months by buying off their dealers
      Money and extortion due to regulation
      The drug companies are just salivating over this

    1. david

      Apparently a months supply 1600 euro
      I think you are wrong
      The greed due to the massive profits will ensure they flood the country with it starting with kids

      1. Papi

        Are they going to flood us with kids? Or kids who can afford 1600 a month for weed? Wash your hands, david.

  2. phil

    Fastest way to achieve and have FG go along, is to get Redacted involved in the business side of this …

  3. Louis Lefronde

    Now that’s how you run a campaign! Straightforward and to the point, that’s how we did it in Canada. First of all restrict access for children, but allow adults to use. It negates the conservatives major concern “What about the kids?”

    Well, the kids in regulated states are doing fine, the stats prove that teen use of marijuana has declined in states where legalisation has occurred.

    1. johnny

      did what,is this the same country where the prov. controls,the time, the day,and where you buy alcohol,is beer still sold separately from wine and spirits, in those grubby awful shops ?
      do expand on what exactly those wonderfully straightforward canadians have done with weed ?

      1. johnny

        its a complete myth-canadian weed laws are a mess, nothing straightforward about it at all, just like your crap health care system,that’s wrongly and frequently evoked as some model off efficiency.

        “Storefront operations selling cannabis, commonly known as “dispensaries” and “compassion clubs” are not licensed by Health Canada under the current law and are illegal. They are supplied by illegal growers and sell untested, unregulated products that may be unsafe and of particular risk to children.”


  4. Not Gerry Adams

    As someone who has sufffered from debilitating whiteys in the past, I oppose cannabis in all its forms

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Your doing yourself a disservice and the cause Gerry.
      Get a strain that suits you or else don’t smoke as much.

      1. thecitizen

        Preferably don’t smoke at all. Use topical oils, vape or ingest. Smoking still bad for you.

  5. Fweed


    You are correct on that, the cost savings of regulating cannabis are quite substantial. At Fweed we have an economist working on those figures at the moment, it’s not an easy exercise to calculate precisely how much that is, but its definitely in the hundreds of millions.


    Concerning Big Pharma, there is a very good article today in Business Insider on how pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson are heavily investing in this, as are others.

    1. Mary Jane

      Look at the data from the Colorado Department of Revenue which is staggering. Colorado in terms of population and GDP is not hugely different to Ireland. In Colorado, 18,000 new jobs have been created since regulation started in 2014. The figures in the poster are probably on the conservative side.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        similar in population to the whole of Ireland so, yes, decent comparison

        first year of legalisation generated almost $2.5 billion in economic activity, so, applied here, would be a massive industry (around a tenth of what tourism overall contributes)

        it’s surely only a matter of when

  6. Murtles

    I have no problem with it but I know the “weed” (as in fweed) connotation might put some of the campaign (ya know squares and the likes). Looking at the benefits of cannabis and it’s associated products (e.g. that young girl who had multiple daily seizures and is now free of them due to cannabis oil) you’d wonder what is the problem behind not giving it approval.

    1. rotide

      Couldn’t agree more with this. I’d love to see cannabis legalised and not just for medicinal use.

      However, the word weed and the continued use of 420 just gives the whole thing an amateaur infantile flavor

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        I agree.

        I recently found out I can’t drink alcohol anymore (or only on special occasions) and I will confess to enjoying the odd spliff in lieu of a nice glass of wine. It’s a nice unwinder at the tail end of the week.

        It’s not just for hippies etc.

  7. Fweed

    … In the same way as “Going on the Pi**”… “Arthur’s Day” and other expressions and events associated with alcohol does.

    1. rotide

      To the best of my knowledge there is no alcohol lobby group called ‘going on the Pi**” and they don’t say phrases like ’80 proof’ in hushed tones and then smirk like they’re in the know.

      Like i said, I admire the cause but it’s called Drinkaware, not Gargleaware.

  8. Fweed

    @Rotide – We’re all for responsible and regulated use for adults. This can be best achieved in a regulated market but not in a market which is unregulated and illicit.

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