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        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          That’s too many syllables. How about
          Euthanasia has Bishops on edge..
          City win title, Kompany’s a ledge..

          1. jusayinlike

            Hermitage capital CEO, so now you’re following the coat tails of capitalist tax dodgers pt, you’re Morning Star cult won’t be happy.

            Re Bill Browder, I presume you can explain why Bill was singing the praises of VP at the Monaco economic forum in 2005. What happened to change his mind?

          2. petey

            putin’s murder of sergei magnatisky changed his mind. magnitisky was getting too close to the truth. browder got new information, he developed new opinions. what do you do?

          3. jusayinlike

            Sergei died in jail, I’ll admit Russian jails are no picnic.

            However, Browder claims Sergei was assaulted by 8 riot gear wielding thugs who beat him to death with rubber battons.

            This is strange as when Sergei’s mother viewed his corpse she could only see bruising on his knuckles (punching a wall) and ligature marks from the cuffs.

            In short he wasn’t murdered but tragically died in a Russian jail.

            Not as dramatic as Browders lies but tragic none the less.

          4. jusayinlike

            ” he developed new opinions..”

            So let me get this straight.. Browder in 05 tells the world that Putin’ Russia is a fantastic place to do business, but than suddenly he’s booted out of Russia for massive tax evasion in 07 and than develops the idea that Russia is a cesspit run by gangsters..

            You’d swallow anything pt..

    1. david

      Macron let the cat out of the bag for all that is not versed in Syria
      So he got trump to keep US troops in Syria long term did he?
      Maybe the allies should enlighten us all as to how many which have effectively under international law invaded Syria
      I would say now Russia will react with sanctions

      1. Frilly Keane

        Good man

        What are we wearing down below this year Q, a.p.
        Flip flops
        Fit flops
        Rubber dollies
        The sick n’ Sandal combo


        1. jusayinlike

          “A brave man..”

          No pt, he’s not, he’s a scorned little rat who was thrown out of Russia for tax evasion.

          1. jusayinlike

            Yea right..

            your a communist flying the flag for a disgusting capitalist hedge fund stooge, who was booted out of Russia for massive tax evasion.

            You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about..

  1. ReproBertie (SCU)

    Would it be callous to suggest that the bishop’s ridiculous euthanasia scaremongering is down to their flock being too old too have to worry about crisis pregnancy or abortion?

  2. david

    Here we have more hypocrisy regarding mother and baby homes
    St finbarrs might not be investigated
    Where is the outrage regarding this part of Ireland holocaust
    Will those babies ever get justice
    Can we as a nation stand back and repeat the same injustice again to them?
    These ghosts will haunt us until we face up to the sins of our past
    These babies must be given justice

      1. david

        Depends if you believe in father Christmas?

        Sure the repealers keep on harping on about mother and baby homes ,as a reason to repeal the eight ,use rape at a rugby players party( alleged)
        All screaming outrage, so they can bring in perfectly killing of unborn to suit their lifestyles
        Marches non stop blogging and heavens forgive if anyone even questions, then the baying mob.
        But when one reminds them of mother and baby homes and justice that again is being denied, oh its a reply like yours.
        Hypocrisy comes to mind and its you.

          1. david

            So your positive is going with the flow,?
            You cannot even answer
            Hypocrisy is exactly what you do
            When you quote mother and babies to justify your agenda and use those dead babies to justify your point and then deny them justice ,then you are just that a hypocrite
            Look at our Canadian minister for children ,denying those who were victims true redress
            Call me an absolute troll ,call me an idiot ,call me mad ,call me anything but society is judged by its treatment and protection of its weak and defenceless
            I care about my country but I do not care about what leads us,

  3. david

    Nigel wrong
    Our holocaust was not about abortion and you are saying all against abortion on demand is for the slavery of magdelain ,the mother and babies, child abuse and clerical abuse.
    Well Nigel you really are thick

    1. Nigel

      Our ‘holocaust’ was about misogyny and the institutional oppression and control of women which included denying them access to abortion and other means of forcing them to bear children within church-approved marriage, and this also included the criminalisation of contraception, the denial of the existence of marital rape, and the preforming of symphisiotimies without the patient’s consent. The 8th is one last major artifact of that culture and ideology enshrined in law that has the power to affect women’s lives.

      1. david

        No Nigel our holocaust was about state collusion, in slavery ,child abuse and trafficking .
        The people were brainwashed in schools churches etc,and the state failed to the point of criminality in its duty to serve what elected them.
        Why the hell do you think my family emergrated to England a half breed Jew protestant at the mercy of this state and its instruments if my mother died, can you imagine the sadistic pleasure they would of had. The bad fruit of a Christ killer to abuse.
        Still to this day attitudes to the most vulnerable in state care leaves so many cases of failures to stop abuse of the worst type.
        Look at Tulsa’s record and the refusal of the state to bring those dead or alive to book for their crimes against children and mothers, and those tasked in the protection for their failure and criminal negligence
        But the taxpayer was the one forced to pay
        And zapponne is at it with her decision to close the book and deny those wronged justice
        And this states crusade to remove constitutional protection for the unborn with abortion on demand and we are expected to trust their wisdom.
        Let them print exactly what is to replace the eight on the ballot paper so people know exactly what it is
        Our constitution is sacrosanct ,and the people decide it

        1. Nigel

          The same people, state and religious, who pursued your ‘holocaust’ put the 8th into the constitution. That’s whose legacy you’re supporing and defending.

  4. f_lawless

    this sounds like this will be very worthy of a listen tomorrow:

    “Breaking!!!!!…. Pls share!
    We have just spoken to Robert Fisk (Foreign correspondent with The UK Independent) in #Douma, at 13.00 today, who says he is the 1st journalist to visit the clinic where the ‘alleged’ chemical attack took place. He went alone ie. not accompanied by military to see for himself. Everything is operating as per normal in a hospital. He confirms the following:
    1. The footage is authentic – he could recognise the location
    2. He spoke to doctors there who said that children were admitted coughing and spluttering
    3. They were admitted AS A RESULT OF NEARBY SHELLING and DUST FUMES!
    4. Someone created panic by shouting ‘gas, gas, gas’ and they began following procedure as they would in a gas attack by hosing them down

    PS. Interview will be aired 10.10 tomorrow on #spiritradio”

    Aine Carvill, who created the post, says In response to a commenter:
    “I am Head of News at a radio station in Ireland. We interviewed veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk a couple of hours ago who is currently in Douma-he went to the clinic this morning to see for himself and talk to staff – these are the main points! For the full interview you just have to listen tomorrow online or on the app spirit Radio Ireland!”

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