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    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Have you any political acumen at all? Or indeed knowledge? Have you ever read a newspaper, SOQ?

      Fear not.

      1. SOQ

        I read most newspapers daily thanks. A little less of the sneering if you please?

        Germany has the third largest army in Europe and is supposed to be a defensive force only but, also has personnel a number of other countries, including Afghanistan. I am just asking why they never take military action is all and why it is always left to UK/US/France.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          because German constitution doesn’t permit it to participate in military action unless there’s a UN mandate

          1. david

            That did not stop them in the past especially when it came to Jews
            Talking about that
            My exact point when we are so keen to repeal the eight
            But sadly people are so blind as to where removal of constitutional protection leads for the future

          2. Listrade

            @ David. I’m really confused by this link between the 8th amendment and the holocaust. Can you give us a hint as to what the link is?

            I mean, the 8th amendment under discussion was introduced in 1982. How many holocausts were there between the founding of the state and the introduction of the 8th? I’ve done a google and can only find reference to mother and baby homes.

            Also, the 8th says:
            “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

            It is only about the right of the unborn. How does removing that lead to a holocaust?

        2. PlumBobSmearPants

          Well for obvious reasons, since the horrors of Nazi Germany the Germans have been very reticent to get involved in foreign conflict. They were heavily involved in Kosovo mind you. Their military resources are in something of a disheveled State these days because of a lack of spend. With an increasingly aggressive Russia they are under pressure to get more engaged and spend more on their military. But that’s still a risky prospect politically as it is still an unpopular topic with their public. Funnily enough, the Brits and the French would like to see them spend more but elements of NATO still fears if they did.

          Anyways, you actually asked a reasonable question and I doubt those who responded to you actually understand the various nuances behind Germany’s military policies.

          1. SOQ

            Thank you. Germany has a lot of baggage but in some ways it is more themselves carrying it than anyone else. There is a lot of preconceptions about modern German people which are just not true. Berlin is one of the most liberal cities in Europe after all.

            But, there is something quite unbalanced about being an economic giant without the military equivalence which becomes apparent in times like this. Who knows, maybe they have it right. If all countries had the same aversion to conflict, the world would probably be a better place.

          2. jusayinlike

            You will find Germany amongst the coalition forces taking part in the democracy shelling Syria.

            Constitutions mean SFA to psychopaths.

          3. Nigel

            Worth remembering, jusayinlike had expressed support for the military actions of Assad/Putin.

          4. jusayinlike

            The military action against ISIS/moderate rebels supported by the inept coalition forces who seek to regime change and mass murder as many civilians as possible with impunity, case in point being the Iraq and Lybia regime changes..

            It’s worth noting that Nigel supports illegal regime changes and ISIS.

          5. Nigel

            Oh, perhaps you could link to me expressing such support for those things in the clear unequivocal way you express support for military intervention in this comment? Otherwise you are a sleazy greasy cringing liar.

        3. david

          Pre WW2 Germany could only have a defence force and history proved they secretly built up a army for conquest
          As in everything the Germans do they cannot be trusted
          6 million of my faith trusted them once even as they faced the gas chamber door
          They have a nature
          Anyway why do you need an army when you can control Europe by debt?

          1. SOQ

            Ah here. In case your memory is slipping there was more than Jews who persecuted, there was gypsies, disabled and gays. And the only group not released after the war was the pink triangles. That is, the only group the allies felt deserved to be there was the gays. And now, Berlin has one of the best gay scenes in the world so, go figure.

            Get off the cross, we need the wood.

          2. Pudge

            David’s right. Yes, the Nazis persecuted gays, women who’d had abortions, women who had Jewish lovers, gypsies and other out groups.

            But they went insane in their hatred of Jews. What happened in Germany should be a dark warning, not just to Germans but to all of us. Before the Nazis, the Germans were kind of like the Dutch now – liberal, calm, sensible. They were the last people you’d imagine suffering from a mass paranoia.

            All over Europe the Jews were the out-group and the scapegoats, had been for centuries. Every time a country went crazily right-wing, they expelled the Jews living there, en masse. Usually with a pretty lousy effect on their economies… (In fact, one of the few good things Cromwell did was re-admit Jews to England. But I digress.) So the Germans weren’t different from, say, the Irish in their attitudes. Less anti-semitic if anything.

            Then there was a crash in the 1920s in Germany. The country had agreed massive reparation payments to the Allies after the war. It couldn’t pay; France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr (Germany’s industrial heartland) in 1923 to take goods instead. Rolling strikes and violence ensued, followed by hyperinflation; the German government printed more money… by autumn, a loaf of bread cost two billion marks. Wages and savings were wiped out.

            The Americans offered loans to stabilise things. This worked fine until the Wall Street crash… then unemployment skyrocketed, people became homeless and camped out in Berlin’s parks… and in 1933 Hitler and his thugs came in.

            It’s easy to foment hatred among desperate people – offer them pride in themselves, tell them all their problems are the fault of “the dirty Xes” and you’re away. The Nazis immediately seized control of all media, and set out on a propaganda push that would blame “the communists” (eg working people who went on strike) and “the Jews” for all of the humiliation and poverty. Conspiracy theories were their meat and drink: “the war had been caused by Jewish bankers”, if you were poor and your Jewish neighbours were a little better off, it was because of their “evil network giving aid to each other at your expense”, etc.

            Hatred is easy. Soon the mass feeling among Germans was absolute hatred of all Jews, who were portrayed by caricature; the newspapers were full of the kind of stories that spread on Facebook today.

            And so on. When people saw their Jewish neighbours being deported with just a suitcase, well, it served them right – and sure they were Jewish, they probably had money stashed in foreign banks anyway. When rumours started coming back of murder in the camps, well, sure didn’t they deserve it, weren’t they only leeches. It’s very easy to steal the humanity out of people’s hearts.

            There is a theory among historians that one of the reasons the Germans lost the war during its last stages was that railway lines were being kept clear so that more and more cattle cars full of Jews could be rushed to the camps to be murdered, meaning that troop trains with soldiers were held on sidings instead of being rushed to the front…

            This was mass hatred and mass delusion – similar to what we have seen in our own time among the Serbs and Croats and the Tutsi and Hutu, but on an unimaginable, industrial scale.

            Please don’t diss David for his grief. The 20th century’s mass murder of European Jews dwarfs the Famine of 1845-50 and even the Plantations of the 16th and 17th centuries in Ireland. He has every right to his word.

        4. david

          So that’s the reason for PESC which they will pull the strings
          When it comes to Germany
          Jews can smell a rat from six million plus miles away

          1. italia'90

            shhhhhhhhhhhhh David is still living in 1930’s Wiemar Germany.
            He has to be Daivd Andrews’ source for his character Mick “The Bull” Daly??
            Makes sense.

      2. david

        The Germans learnt their lessons from the past Reich
        Do not go to war and send troops in to conquer
        The bond is the way to do that
        Control by debt and everyone will comply hoping that their roof will not be taken from over their head
        We are a prime example of that
        Controlled by debt

          1. jusayinlike

            Laugh all you like but he’s right, Germany have the EU bolted down, nobody can fart within the bloc without their permission..

    2. david

      its called Leo veradka
      His mouth is primed to go off when ordered

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    “Is this the start of World War III?” – It was good of the Sunday Indo to find room for that on their front page.

    “Mission Accomplished” – just to prove that the US President has learnt nothing from recent history.

    400,000 people in Syria have died from other weapons. I don’t think it matters what type of weapon is used, the outcome is the same, sadly.

    1. david

      And many of them the result from arming rebels and prolonging the Syrian nations suffering
      Now the likes of ISIS will be re energised and maybe planning chemical weapon attacks so Assad can be blamed
      Sadly this war now is going to last a hell of a lot longer
      I would say when the weapons inspectors arrive nothing will be found
      I see many more suffering

    2. david

      Sadly from the involvement of the west by arming and supporting now exposed terrorist groups
      The death toll is far higher
      Now with a pre emotive move these terror groups are making plans to use more chemical weapons in more attacks hoping the allies will launch more attacks against Assad and weaken his military
      Well done ,many more children will die due to this.

      1. petey

        in addition to the children who died heretofore at the hands of tbe assad regime with assistance from moscow.

        btw, do the deaths of adults at the hands of the assad regime with assistance from moscow not move you?

        1. jusayinlike

          Can you provide a credible independent link to the unequivocal evidence of Assad bombing these children PT?

        2. david

          Right as well
          Sadly the west armed and supplied training and funding to these rebels and we as members of the EU are included, this process trebled the length of this conflict
          The only state that has any threat from Syria is Israel and when they act paddy condemns them
          Mind you that’s not surprising

  2. Frilly Keane

    ‘morning all
    C’mere a favour
    If anyone is availing of a free Sindo
    Like in a hotel or visiting their Mam this morning
    Can ye grab a screen shot of page 22 for me please
    Ping it ta Broadsheet or @frillykeane

    Just want to see how Colm McCarthy will fix the housing crisis…

    1. david

      He was referred To as bord snip when haughey called him in to tackle public sector waste
      Pity he is not doing the same now
      Met him and by god what a brain
      We need many of him in the department of finance.
      He is one economist that got it right every time

      1. realPolithicks

        Wow, finally you actually have someting positive to say instead of your usual negative diatribes. What a shocker that you’re talking about a right wing idealogue who hasn’t ever met a social program that he doesn’t want cut or elimnated.

        1. david

          Government expenditure is different from government waste
          You do not need to be right wing to identify waste and stop it
          Sure every business in the world addresses its waste if not they go bang unless they are public sector who gets the wealth creating private sector to pillage
          If I had my way all public sector pensions would be the same as the contributory pension
          And their wages put in line with the private sector

  3. Jimmey_russell

    Putin & Assad are LITERALLY hitler, we need to stand up to them and wipe them out for good, otherwise millions of people will die from further chemical attacks launched by Syria into territory it already holds in a war they’re on the verge of winning via conventional means.

  4. Bull Duggan

    Good luck to Jackson and the other lad.
    Having his contract paid up in full is small recompense for the shameful way the IRFU has treated a player found not guilty by a unanimous verdict but hung out to dry by the Twitchfork mob over private social media messages.
    Here’s hoping he gets snapped up by a good French team and earns plenty of moolah.

  5. david

    This country forgave Sinn feinn and elects their candidates
    Sadly when it comes to rugby players its not so forgiving

    1. bisted

      …correct…it’s all Harry this and Harry that…Harry Molloy and the Preposterous Stone…

    2. david

      Maybe because of the PC brigade
      My favourite was carry on up the Khyber
      The reference to Tiffin shone a naughty light on teatime
      The origin of the word was from India which was a lunch on the Indian railways in special Tiffin tins
      Sid James brought a new meaning to it
      Never obscene but rather naughty and highly entertaining when you watch today

  6. david

    The article on the possible of 450 job losses is a pure dussey in highlighting the stupidity of opening your mouth and expelling a Russian envoy.
    Russia stated there will be repercussions and the Irish government do not get it still.
    When the US made sanctions against Russia and oligarch’s ,that meant them and their business interests.
    The repercussions are as follows.
    Russia will not intervene and even worse putin will direct his oligarch pal to ensure when the axe falls where in the world the workforce of the oligarchs company are made.
    Meantime Leo’s Ireland’s got talent cabinet thinks by going over to the USA pleading to trump to put In a good word or remove sanctions is pure fairy land economics.
    Russia will ensure plant is shut down and little Leo verruca is directly responsible for the loss of 450 jobs in limerick by his actions based on being told by the frau
    I suppose when they go on the dole they will be accused of being scroungers as they try and cope with what goes with that in modern day Ireland.
    This is what happens when children play games ,that they are clueless on the international stage.
    Well done Leo the sock monster

  7. david

    Terrisa May has sealed her fate.
    If these weapons inspectors cannot prove Assad used chemical weapons, a vote of no confidence will be tabled by Corbyn ,but this time she will find the orange card cannot save her.
    Its only a matter of time before Jeremy is the new PM
    This is her waterloo
    All those hoping that Corbyn will hold a second referendum for the UK staying in the EU are in for a shock, its too late and the UK are no Ireland with running referendums until the result suits what government want.

    1. yoyo

      No. The truth doesn’t matter. Syria is on the axis of evil so it’s fate was sealed in 2001. assad was winning which was turning the tables on the above. So the west had to create an excuse to invade since Assad wasnt going to create one for them.

      1. david

        The truth dose matter as it will be revealed
        After Iraq I think any western government that invades Syria will find many body bags returning
        With ISIS with all its combative’s in Europe ferried in by EU navies including our own
        Apparently le Samuel Beckett is on its way today to land more under guise of EU mission to tackle people smuggling, Europe is going to see an upsurge of terrorism .
        Maybe under PESCO the EU might dispatch an army of which we are signed up members and as guilty as France the UK Germany for any deaths and misery caused by their actions
        Only time will tell

      2. Nigel

        If Putin makes no retaliation and there’s no escalation, please God, then nothing else will happen and Assad/Putin will continue to merrily slaughter the population until Asad gets too carried away with his chemical toys again. Obscene that this is the most hopeful outcome but without massive international pressure behind a political solution there it is. Maybe the US could be persuaded to take a few more refugees at least.

          1. yoyo

            And why would he need to. Simply, why would Assad do the very thing that would guarantee a US/UKetc invasion when he had the war nearly won. males no sense and this whole cause and effect excuse has been used many times in the past by the West.

          2. Nigel

            There have been loads of chemical attacks that failed completely to draw any response so maybe they just assumed that would carry on.

          1. Nigel

            It said you will meet a tall handsome stranger who likes puppies and soppy poetry and long walks on the beach.

          2. Nigel

            Roses are red
            Violets are blue
            The existence of an external universe can’t be proved
            And neither can you

          3. bisted

            …Clampers…where are you when I need you to do that thing with the links…wha’d’ya mean getting married…but…but…

        1. f_lawless

          ” until Asad gets too carried away with his chemical toys again”
          Nigel I would have thought that when there’s people such as the former head of the British Armed Forces relating their deep skepticism about the narrative that Assad was behind the attack ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgj7gRvsjMU ), and the fact that Jaysh Al-Isam – the terrorist group who had control of Douma at the time of the attack – have an apparent track record of using chemical weapons in the recent past, that it might give you some pause for thought to at least reserve judgement on the validity of the establishment narrative.
          I suppose that old saying is true “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”

          1. Nigel

            Oh so there’s someone from the British military you take as a trusted authority is there? Thought they were all false-flag warmongers or whatever.

          2. f_lawless

            I quoted to him because of his strong links to the British establishment – ie. that he can’t be typically dismissed as an “Assad/Putin apologist” etc.

          3. Nigel

            So having strong links to the British establishment makes him credible but only if he what he says seems to support the Assad/Putin narrative.

    1. jusayinlike

      Yes, for saving millions from ethnic cleansing by ISIS/ “moderate” rebels armed and financed by the US/UK psychopaths.

      Assad has won haha

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