An extremely rare (one of only three made) 1953 Ferrari 625 Targa Floria – originally driven by Enzo Ferrari’s racing team and since restored twice (once at Modena) it remains in ‘excellent driving condition’.

Yours for between €4,500,000 and €6,500,000.


19 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Neilo

      @Boj: I believe you to be a good person but I think you need more help than is on offer here. And I say that with all due respect. ;-)

      1. Boj

        Ah now..Look at it! It’s empty, it’s all shell.
        You’d be rattling around the roads on it.
        It sit’s too high on the wheels.
        The front end is a mile from the tarmac.
        The back end has 2 bloody holes in it (i know the reason) but c’mon, this is not an ‘Oh Betsy/Now your talking” car AT ALL! It’s been ‘restored’ twice….twice!!
        And all for that money…fools I tells ya FOOLS!! :-)

        1. Tony

          You’re right though Boj. It clearly lacks the integrated cup holders and colour matched bumpers of your classic Fiesta or Fabia.

    2. Cian

      Boj – I’m with you.
      spending 5+ mill on that is total madness. For the same money you could literally have almost *any* other car in the world. Who would drive this car? it would end up in a museum… if you want to spend that kinda money on something just to look at – you should buy a painting or sculpture.

      1. Jockey

        The type of buyer that gets this car already has any of the other cars and sculptures and paintings s/he wants

  1. Hallström

    Nice to have if you are driving around the Italian riviera.
    Not nice to have if you are driving around Ireland.
    Doesn’t appear to have a pull up soft top from those pics.

    1. Tony


      It’s like that Mona Lisa. All fine and hoity toity up in the Louvre in Paris but a bloody liability propped up at the side of the ice lolly freezer at Londis in Maynooth


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