Meanwhile, In Belfast



Eamon Mallie writes:

…apart from the poor grammar I was a little taken aback to see this poster at Belfast International Airport…

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  1. Rob_G

    Why would you be taken aback by such a poster? I would have thought that an airport would be the most likely place to see such notices.

    1. david

      This is simply a reminder of what reality is
      The north is part of the UK
      The only way it can change now is if the Brits hand it over ,or its take by force like Sinn feinn go back to its murderous nature.
      Then the loyalists would start down here
      But little leo verruca and his Ireland’s got talent cabinet have not worked that one out
      Remember civil war could happen here, especially when paramilitaries start with what is the nature of the beast.
      Leaving the EU to negotiate for us and us not being directly involved is a recipe for disaster

        1. david

          Sorry bull is a Irish publican not Irish republican army or the unionist mob or political mouth pieces
          And it was not publicans that murdered civilians for decades
          I think that is confined to the latter do you not think?

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        We are involved in the negotiations because we are the EU and even as the Sasamach vote was approaching we were talking to our EU partners about the importance of the soft border.

        Built into the GFA is the mechanism for a vote on a united Ireland. Some unionists, seeing the disaster that is Sasamach and realising they will soon be a minority, are discussing the benefits of a united Ireland vs post-Sasamah UK. The DUP hardliners are clearly out of touch with the majority of the people in Northern Ireland and with the British Taoiseach facing difficult times over the airstrikes in Syria, they may find their support has a best before date.

        1. david

          WE ARE all involved
          We are part of a negotiation process nothing more and we will wait as the EU do the negotiating hoping we get a deal
          This is not acceptable
          We must be head of the table and no deal unless what is achieved is in our interests first and foremost.
          Built into the GFA agreement is an agreement pre brexit
          Nothing in the GFA indicates what happens if Britain no longer in the EU
          The EU were NOT part of the negotiations or team that formed the GFA
          So it means nothing ,and if it did the EU would have to comply like the UK and us as they negotiate the EU post brexit.
          If different please point this out in the GFA for I cannot see anything regarding this stated if the UK pull out of the EU

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            If, as you keep banging on about, the GFA doesn’t mention the EU then what relevance does the UK’s being in or out of the EU have to the GFA?

        2. david

          You cannot firstly have a united Ireland with one part out of the EU and another in
          The DUP hardliners are in control as the republican hard liners refuse to represent their own in the UK parliament
          Forget the northern assembly because that ain’t going to happen as both sides refuse to share power
          So stalemate in the north and brexit so near
          With republicans representing the communities in the north well dream on
          Maybe the follies of voting Sinn Fein rather than SDLP
          God we need another hume

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            If we have a united Ireland it’s going to be in the EU. That EU membership would be the point of Unionists voting for a united Ireland. The EU has already said that should Ireland unite what was Northern Ireland would automatically become part of the EU. This was made clear because the question was raised about Scotland declaring independence. (Should Scotland leave the UK before Sasamach they would have to apply as a new country.)

            The DUP hardliners are only needed as long as British Taoiseach May remains in power.

          2. david

            Dream on Bertie
            The unionists even by their name are steadfastly unionist and union means the united kingdom not European union
            Bit like saying Sinn feinn want the German language to be our national language
            if there was another election tomorrow and the unionists held the power to put labour in power labour would deal ,with them
            Its the nature of the beast in politics
            Power is the opium of government
            The UK will never consent to being broken up
            If Ireland left the EU I would say it might be a different story and Ireland though not united a very close partnership with no border

      2. ahjayzis

        The only way it can change is by consent of the majority of the people in the North, actually.

        1. david

          It presumably refers to what exactly?
          This agreement was made pre brexit and I assume did not invasion anything like brexit
          If not please state exactly where it says if the UK leaves the EU
          You cannot
          Grammar or not grammar, spelling or not spelling.

          1. david

            Meaning when agreed the UK leaving the EU was never thought about
            These spell checking apps on your computer have a mind of their own

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            He’s suggesting that Sasamach nullifies the GFA because the GFA doesn’t mention Sasamach but were that true it would also nullify all international agreements signed by the UK which it clearly won’t. It’s just scaremongering.

          3. david

            The relevance Bertie is negotiations will be flying in the face of this
            This document is irrelevant to Europe
            The relevance is between us and the UK
            There is nothing in the agreement for a thing like in case of brexit
            You try and fond it anywhere
            I cannot
            Is the penny dropping?
            We must be engaged with the UK not allowing the EU to handle this
            They can tog along to negotiations but cannot call the tune
            This is between Ireland and the UK
            Mind you the GFA is effectively dead in the water unless our government cops on and takes charge

          4. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Once again, we are the EU. As such the EU is well aware of the importance of the GFA and they are being told, by us, about the clauses that the GFA contains which stand in the way of a hard Sasamach.

            This means the UK cannot break the GFA as part of the Sasamach negotiations which is why the backstop is Northern Ireland remaining in the Customs Union and the UK/EU border being in the Irish sea. Unless Britain can come up with a better solution to implement a soft border that’s what we’ll be getting.

    1. david

      Grammar never saved lives’ or prevented civil war’s
      Grammar never solved any crises
      Please add an intelligent comment, if not accept the Moron the year award

        1. david

          Not harsh
          Harshness never saved lives in political situations and lack of harshness did not prevent the thousands that died in the troubles.

        2. Papi

          He thinks it’s aimed at him, he hasn’t read the post properly. It happens a lot. Also, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

          1. david

            Much like you, but sadly you cannot contribute.
            Lets face it ,if Columbus was papi the world would still be flat

          2. Papi

            Read the first sentence of the post, david, and all will be revealed. I’m honestly embarrassed for you now at this stage.

      1. realPolithicks

        The irony of you awarding the “Moron of the year” award to somebody else is not lost on us.

        1. The Ghost of Starina

          more and more his posts remind me of the random spam my company occasionally receives from people who will email us PDFs of Russian car schematics every day for 10 days, or email us 30 times a day their conspiracy theories about India. It’s got the same scattered prose.

          1. realPolithicks

            Its true, aside from the constant and repetitive nature of his posts (and of course his occasional forays into racism) his staccato writing style make them very difficult to read.

  2. SOQ

    Post Brexit, you will need a passport to travel between NI and Britain. There is no other way. Why is it so hard for some to understand this?

    1. david

      We will in the republic or some sort of ID like driving licence which was the case all along.
      But other EU nations will have to carry passports, unless of course the EU insists that we Irish have to
      And they will and blame the Brits,

      1. SOQ

        I just think all this talk of goods and customs is missing the glaringly obvious. That to travel between NI and ROI will not require a passport but between NI and GB will, otherwise they cannot implement the promised immigration controls. It would be impossible to implement on land without sealing all byroads in Ireland. So the border, the real border, the people border, is already agreed as going in the Irish sea.

        If taken at their word, this is what the DUP are actually arguing for. Turkeys / Christmas?

      2. david

        Not into the airport or in the lounge but into departures past through the gates when you hand in your ticket
        The same thing applies today
        They demand a passport as proof of who you are
        Evidently you travel little except ferry which you do not need a passport

  3. Formerly known as

    I think Eamonn is upset that the passportin the photo is not blue.

    1. david

      Like I was when my green passport changed to purple?
      For the life of me I cannot find purple on the Irish flag or EU flag.
      Must be colour blinds.

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