Big Tom McBride

Beloved country singer Big Tom McBride has died aged 81.

Any excuse.

Irish country legend Big Tom McBride dies (RTÉ)

‘We referred to him as the king’ – tributes pour in as country music singer Big Tom dies aged 81 (




13 thoughts on “Big Loss

  1. PlumBobSmearPants

    Well done Bodger for posting this. Big Tom was revered in my house growing up. I appreciate many of our younger compadres here won’t necessarily realise the status this fella had in his country down the years. Even my wife shed a tear today but then she’s from up those parts.


  2. david

    Never liked CW when young but now I am older I really love it
    Watched him a few weeks ago on TV and he looked pretty frail
    Frail or not he was great and his interaction with fans was superb
    He was a true star humble and will be missed
    Heaven will have quite a deep voice to add to its choir
    Maybe when it thunders we might realise big tom is clearing his throat
    You will be sadly missed

  3. Murtles

    Not a country fan myself but there’s no denying Big Tom could draw huge crowds wherever he went. I remember a documentary some years back about Big Tom and one of the questions he was asked was how does he unwind after a gig. In his inimitable Monaghan accent he said “there’s nothing more I like after a concert than to go back to the dressing room for a mug of tay and a big bag of buns”. RIP.

    1. Spud

      I rarely heard him myself, but those ads on the radio for ‘Big Tom, Declan Nearney, Louise Morrissey’ etc… always made me smile.

  4. Bernie

    R.I.P. Tom, you’ll always be the king in Ireland x

    I was at an open air music festival in Monaghan town a few years ago, even though he was only able to sing every second song, he was fabulous to watch and hear.

  5. dav

    Radio One did a lot about this, this morning. 1st Tubs, then Sean O’Rourke. I think they know just how big the C&W community is. Of Course Pat Kenny had nothing, I hadn’t realised he’s moved to Newstalk!

  6. scottser

    the story, either real or imagined about him being refused a visa for the states because his band was callled ‘the mainliners’ always made me chuckle.

    1. DaithiG

      I heard a story a long time ago that they toured the US in the 60s and drew massive crowds because of that name.

      I’m sure many of the patrons who went to the concerts were disappointed with the style of music.

  7. ivan

    Love this story from the tweet machine….(via @obrien_jonathan )

    “Big Tom joins the majority. Good story: Garech Browne once took Mick Jagger to a Big Tom gig in Castleblayney in the early 1980s. Jagger went backstage afterwards and introduced himself. Big Tom refused to believe it was him and ignored him. Jagger flounced off in a huff.”

  8. Frilly Keane

    Thanks Broadsheet
    (I didn’t know this was up when I forwarded ye the notice)

    Big Tom rip
    Brought the 4 Roads to everyone
    no matter where they ended up

    Wagon Wheel my ….

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