16 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

    1. jusayinlike

      psychotic conservatives and their confused neo liberal friends still wailing for war after plunging billions into financing ISIS and a failed coup in Syria.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    If Naughton gets away with this ‘personal view’ line it then sets the bar for anyone else in government. Lame and totally unbelievable. It was a direct interference. A tip-off. Commercial information Straight from the horses mouth. Interference by the responsible Minister. And again the arrow ends up at the same FG ‘friend’
    Also, it happened outside the Dail, which may leave Naughton open to worse sanction than resignation.
    And as usual, the posse of ‘I have confidence’ FG tricksters queue up. Though not quite as vocal as when Fitzgerald was on her way out.
    Will Naughton do the right thing? Doubtful. He will be dragged kicking and screaming for weeks.

    1. bisted

      …Naughton & Co only have to survive a few more weeks to qualify for their ministerial pensions…

    2. david

      Ever watch south park when they searched for the bar that was so low in America James Cameron was set the task in a deep sea diving vessel
      Well the bar set by Irish politician’s is so low James Cameron would never find it

  2. Martco

    Dale Winton lord rest his bones would’ve made a better stab at being a Minister than likes of Naughten

    these famous polls would appear to suggest they are getting away with it all, I don’t believe that & looking forward to using my GE vote

  3. anne

    Any watch the Pat Kenny show on Tv3 last night. Vera Twomey was on. She said talked to Leo Vladkar at the people of the year awards.. she said he bare faced lied to her.

      1. david

        IT goes back to his upbringing and culture
        These ways are taught to you by your parents as in how you treat people
        My parents taught me to treat people with respect and no matter what station in life they had they must be respected
        In the Indian community the servants are just that servents

  4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The Times – temperatures to rach 16C in some areas……yikes, things are worse than I thought.

  5. david

    Could not help laughing when tango’ed Murphy was on de telly with his housing news
    All these new laws are useless as already for student accommodation they have legally raised rents by 25%or even40% because these are not a certain type of lease
    The only solution is rent controls and firstly the government under emergency legislation set a rate at a far lower rate than is the norm today
    I had to laugh as he spouted the usual excuses
    Maybe we need Kim from DRNK to move here and be our teashock as these excuses would be met with a proper solution
    Talking about that
    Since 1954 not one US president has been able to bring to an end the hostility between north and south Korea
    He might just pull it off
    As for Obama all he could do was exchange insults and threats

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