Last night.

Some Dad tweetz:

The summer starts here as the hordes descend on the canal at Portobello [Dublin 8]…

8 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Diddles

    Walked past at 7 pm last night, some in scarves and hats, some shoeless in shorts & t-shirts. One thing they all had in common was cans, lots of cans

  2. Sheila

    First person in the canal here this new cans season was on Tuesday evening.
    Mmmmmm, water shared with rats… cooling.

      1. Rob_G

        I think you are thinking of Weil’s disease rather than Legionnaires’, but I can see what you were going for.

  3. david

    Typical dubs
    Never happy and moaning
    A few sunny days and nothing but moaning
    Next they will be moaning when water rationing kicks in

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