Together4Yes county banners.

A mere selection of the 26 Collated by Jean O’Brien of the Digital Charity Lab inspired by The Rubberbandits suggestion: ‘Limerick for Yurt’

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16 thoughts on “Affirmnation

  1. newsjustin

    Well with polls showing that Repeal are only at 55% in Dublin, they need to court the “regional” vote alright.

    1. IonaLotOfProblems

      I know.. we should all buy shares in Irish Ferries and Ryanair.
      #YesToOutsourcingOurIssues #ImWithYerwanOnTheFerry

  2. Rabid

    I understand the temptation to apply a bit of levity to the situation, but NO.
    I don’t think it’s the best defense, considering the attack on Human Rights we’re up against.
    It encourages complacency.
    Think about it.
    The other side are not intellectually blessed. They are blessed and learn their stance from an old man in a dress, speaking slowly. They don’t ‘get’ your inside jokes.

    Also, look at what happened to Hillary.

    Let’s keep fighting and motivating..
    The objective is to get people voting, not to gather Facebook ‘Likes’.

    Where’s Russia when you need them? I thought they’d be on OUR side.
    All I see is Americans.

    1. Rabid

      And to clarify…
      WE are defending and protecting.
      WE need to defend and protect.

      The Fairy-In-The-Sky-Brigade try to twist it.

      They don’t know what happens outside their bubble.
      They think it’s a cocoon.

      Be a prick.
      Fight first.

      Smile later.

  3. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Wherre’s the one for the ex-Pat Brits back to vote for the day:

    “Roysh. Mate”

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