12 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Bull Duggan

    Melania running rings around Brigitte in the glamour stakes – Trump meets the frump.
    What a babe.

      1. david

        Love it just love it
        Trump at play
        Oops le monkey has le dandruff on his shoulder lets brush it off and make him perfect
        Classic classic
        Just think what he wild do to little Leo verrucca

        1. Nigel

          Just imagine how easy it must be to play a person who acts like this, and to play people who think this sort of thing is impressive.

    1. david

      Brigitte actually looks like she has some sort of sour taste in her mouth
      Not exactly lady like or the look of a first lady

  2. Martco

    re. ULSB and the disappearing money

    “human error” presumably means the error that humans made to outsource critical systems functionality to the cheapest foreign jurisdiction they could find nonsense

  3. david

    EU fears EU citizens will be new windrush
    Well I am sure the UK also fears UK citizens will be the new European version of windrush citizens
    What twaddle
    Meanwhile little Leo verruca and his Ireland’s got talent cabinet wait with baited breath as to what Europe dose

  4. SOQ

    It may just be my latent homophobia kicking in but I find the images of Trump and Macron holding hands a little disturbing.

    1. david

      Not homophobia but taking down a peg or two
      Leading the child out towering over him
      Trump reads the papers and is briefed on everything about who he meets
      As a businessman he will of been briefed about every comment made by macron,
      The dandruff remark was classic and macron did not know what hit him
      And the look on macrons wives face just says it all
      I just wondered what trump said to him in bill clintons old ovary office

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