Féile Better


Just a few light ales, officer.

Classic images of Thurles, County Tipperary during the 1991 Féile by street photographer Wally Cassidy.

Some of these people are now in their 50s

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14 thoughts on “Féile Better

  1. Dermie

    Wow, I sort of remember it well. I seem to recall what seemed like a sea of empty beer- cider cans all down the Main Street, loads of locals selling sandwiches, the guards on the roof of the hotel “spying” on the crowd, the hotel bar staff didn’t know what hit them….exceedingly Good Times…!!

  2. david

    Bit like temple bar on paddies day
    As we see even in those days the gardai were not doing their job
    The young fellow in the bottom photo is testament
    He looks twelve

  3. Frilly Keane

    Lemme tell tell ye now
    That was all the Dubs
    Coming down to our Holy Ground
    And carrying on
    You’d never see a Thurles / Semple regular
    In that state

    Not even the Mucksavages
    – Clare crowd

    BTW. You know who was the Tipp County Board man who stsrted the Trip to Tipp series ….


    1. PhilJo

      And thus was Semple stadium paid for and Tipperary hurling given a rightful home and the bould Michaleen guaranteed a seat for life no matter what nonsense he got up to up in Dublin

      1. Frilly Keane

        well now ta’ be fair to all

        It needs a bloody daycent upgrade now
        Just leave the pitch alone tho’

  4. Jake38

    Lying on the street comatose with drink was a standard response in 1991 to having spent the 80’s living in Ireland.

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