Was The Music Necessary?


The Central Bank of Ireland has announced that another 3,400 customers have been affected by the tracker mortgage issue, bringing the total to 37,100 by the end of March.

This means the banks have paid out €459million to people affected – up €162m from December.

Watch the Central Bank’s Director General, Financial Conduct Derville Rowland deliver the news – to music – in video above.

Numbers affected by tracker mortgage issue rise by 3,400 (RTE)

Pic/video: Central Bank of Ireland

20 thoughts on “Was The Music Necessary?

  1. Brother Barnabas

    “This means the Central Bank has paid out €459million to people affected – up €162m from December.”

    Surely it’s the lenders rather than the Central Bank that paid out this money, no?

    1. david

      My view exactly
      The fact these new ones have emerged means fraud
      Time the gloves came off
      Prison is yer only man
      Not one bonus can be even considered and the fraud squad must be sent in to all banks
      Time Pascal was cattle prodded to explain why no banker is not in jail
      Maybe the government needs to suspend all trading of shares on the stock exchange until a forensic accountant is sent in to go through the books
      Coupled with the latest mistake from Ulster bank a sledge hammer must be used
      As for them being allowed to off set losses from the crash against profits for god knows how many decades an act of our dail suspending this being done is needed.
      The banks need draconian measures and a lesson that they will never forget, and the lesson that they will take note of is hit them where it hurts, which is the pocket.

    2. Kolmo

      Central Bank? – but we own the Central Bank, and our Central Bank didn’t commit the fraud..oh, and AIB want their bonuses while we are at it…even though they own the Taxpayer a hefty amount of money…what a shower of lovable rogues..

      1. david

        I think she has let the cat out of the bag
        Maybe Pascal needs to enlighten us all that the banks are repaying the victims not the taxpayer

  2. david

    Is it just me but the adverts now being screened on out media by hanks are both obscene and lies
    For example we are backing brave
    I actually find banks adverts offensive considering what they did and maybe its time for banks to be banned from advertising and the term bank holiday to be removed so the days renamed public holidays
    Due to the bankrupting of our nation by these banks they must be barred from using the losses incurred to be off set against profits because they lost nothing
    The state carried the can putting it on the taxpayer
    If anyone should be allowed to off set losses incurred by the bust it must be the citizens against their future taxes

  3. Blonto

    What utter garbage. The CBI thought it acceptable to release this over produced PR stunt.
    They need to get back to basics and start policing the banks. Cowards.

    1. david

      That will come post brexit
      As sure as night follows day
      Maybe when that happens it will be the making of Ireland
      The whole corrupt rotten system will fall

    2. postmanpat

      It will only be us plebs who will pay the banks back again so that loan defaulter Joneses can keep driving their swanky cars like nothing is wrong. (except they will be slightly embarrassed driving a 181 reg car in 2020, god love ’em) Car dealers will still get paid , sure aren’t they all pals with politicians? Good times are back again for the brass necks. Everyone will be exaggerating that they are worse off than they actually are. They more well off they are they more they will moan. Newstalk radio is constant talk about money just like 2007. Strap in boys and girls!!!

    3. spudnick

      So, so true. Also car financing in the US.

      So many 172 and 181 cars on the road. I don’t think I’m on the poverty line (yet) but I’m in an ’03. Lots of makey-up money out there.

      Also, PCP is the main reason for knobhead parking taking up 2 spaces, in case some pleb puts a small scratch in their precious door and halves their GFV.

      (maybe also PCP the drug)

      1. david

        With car sales come VRT and 23%VAT and before the car hits the road all that money goes to revenue
        Much like the stamp duty that fuelled the property boom

  4. postmanpat

    They’re a bunch of liars aright. “Backing Brave” (in that young wans horrible gargley voice. I think she does the same voice over for VHI health insurance too.) ..yeah right . “Hi bank I want to buy a fixer upper house that ill fix myself because I have building experience have the youth and drive to learn what building skills I don’t know yet, I need 250 grand and the house is in a 350k area.” Bank: ” no . but we can give you 150k for a shoebo… cosy fl..apartment and no garden in the middle of nowhere. because we calculate that even though you have no debts and have an income of €2000 after tax every month and you have been with us since you were 12 and have solid work history, we calculate that you can only afford monthly repayments of €400. and as a bonus we can offer you 4% cash back on your mortgage as cash.? hummmm?”

    1. david

      These ads are offensive and should be banned as for bank holidays that needs to go and replaced by public holiday

  5. gavin

    Its a disgrace, it couldn’t have been made any more clear over the last 15 years that government is at best a toothless organisation run by inept morons and being taken advantage of at every opportunity, but whats closer to the truth is they could not care less about the country and the people that live in it and are under the control of corporations, multinational and financial institutions. I mean how are heads not rolling for this.

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