A Limerick A Day


Spanish national David Navaro and his Brazil-born wife Celia Galan charged clients €200 an hour for sex with them at their Ennis home

A couple who settled in Clare
Thought their sex life was something they’d share
But their lucrative trysts
Led to slaps on the wrists
When their plans took the shape of a pear

John Moynes

Pic via Irish Mirror

10 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. postmanpat

    Stupid backward laws! Consenting adults charging for sex. Busted by good old fashioned backward churchy stick in the muds . Its not my cup of tea and I don’t really find the couple attractive enough to pay €200 euros but I wouldn’t blame anyone else who is into it , god knows not much else is going on in Co. Clare. Good luck to them. I hope they figure out a better system and avoid getting caught again. Drive it all further underground, sure what’s the worse that will happen now? Send more public money chasing people who are not hurting anyone. Beats real police work, like chasing real criminals who leave real victims. Police overtime !! yayyyy!!!

    1. Anon

      Our “stupid backwards laws” were changed within the last few years to protect against people trafficking and exploitation. Broadsheet ran stories on it, search for Turn Off the Red Light Campaign and Ruhama.

      1. postmanpat

        No one was getting trafficked or exploited in this case. That was plain to see from the beginning , yet our superstar police force thought it would be time and money well spent going after these two. A soft target caught by a coward police force. Cost of investigation: god only knows €€€€€€, in OT and paper shuffling Net benefit to society : Zero. Typical.

  2. Ron Dolan

    Idiotic law. Nobody business but theirs. I do think laws on human trafficking themselves need to be addressed and anyone found guilty of forcing others to do any sort of work but especially sex work, should be hit with very, very long prison sentences and even longer in the case of minors, but consenting adults consenting?

    Sorry, but its just ridiculous.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Silly law to be honest
    but Revenue should have stepped in and not the Guards

    although I did laugh at the CPD hours claim from the Defense solicitor

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