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Marklar writes:

Ticketmaster are now charging to post tickets out. It doesn’t seem to be all gigs but is this the start of phasing it out?



5 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Didn’t they always charge to post tix out?

    Somewhere in my addled brain I remember a time when you had to pay to print your own tickets… but I could be doting!

    1. ivan

      No, Daisy, they didn’t. I ALWAYS got my tickets delivered rather than take the option to print at home on the basis that the fuppers were at least gonna have to have the price of a stamp eat into their profit margin.

      (edit – it’s not across the board yet either…stones tickets are still free postage. Mind you, sales so ropey, I’d say for a fiver, Peter Aiken will call to your house with a packet of fig rolls to thank you for your interest…)

      not sure about paying to print…


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