The Colour Black

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The Darkest Colour – a photo series by self taught 23 year old Gabonese photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga. To wit:

The series is set in front of a matte black background and features two nude models whose skin has also been painted black. The works seek to unpack the negative aspects of the both the colour and its symbolism.

More of his work here.


18 thoughts on “The Colour Black

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      Oh definitely not
      we are leftie self hating white folks who can only find beauty in the other
      cop on would ye

      1. rotide

        So you’re saying that ‘blackface’ isn’t always racist depending on context. Noted for next halloween.

        1. rotide

          So answer the question then. Would these photographs be as beautiful if they were white people painted black. Would that be alright?

          1. TheRealJane

            If you painted white people black, what message do you think you would be trying to convey? What do you imagine the artist is conveying here?

          2. Yep

            Well were not fuppin looking at those pics are we?

            You having a bad week rotide? Coming across a real ladypart recently.

          3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I think you are asking a question irrelevant to this black African artist’s choice of colour and lighting for his work

          4. Cian

            Perhaps if a white[1] photographer took pictures of white[1] people painted white[1] (on a white[1] matt background) it would be the same.

            [1] slightly pinky-white

    2. Nigel

      An equivalent installation with a white model painted white against a white background could be pretty gorgeous, potentially.

      But otherwise don’t be such a cheap and lazy culture war edgelord Ro, it doesn’t suit you.


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