De Wednesday Papers


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  1. Martco

    Stones having to be advertised on front page of IT the day before a croker gig? Aitken must be losing his shirt on this one.

    1. bisted

      …Aitken must be still hurting over the Garth Brooks fiasco when he took on the Croke Park residents…hope some of the poor sales are due to the Stones ignoring the pleas from Palestine not to play for the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv…

      1. Bull Duggan

        It’s a funny old world.
        Boycotting the only genuine democracy in the Middle East with more liberal abortion laws than Ireland and non-persecution of gays and religious minorities.
        In support of terrorists who oppose all of the above.
        It would be interesting to see how long some of these idiots who pour vitriol over Israel would stay alive if they lived among the Palestinians.

        1. Papi

          It would be dangerous living amongst them, those dang Israeli’s keep shooting at them.

        2. Starina

          well it is pretty tough to live in Palestine, what with the dodgy electricity, blocked food and medicine supplies and lack of fresh water. so yes, it might be difficult to stay alive, living among the Palestinians.

        3. Termagant

          I worked for 8 months in Palestine, only reason I wouldn’t go back is because it’s too fupping hot

          And, you know, the awful conditions imposed by the Israelis but mainly the heat

          1. bisted

            …faced with the terrible news of the latest massacre of Palestinians it is understandable that people here can feel particularly helpless but the power of the BDS campaign should not be underestimated…it was Cape grapefruit that sparked the Dunnes protest and helped bring about the downfall of the apartheid regime in S Africa…

          1. Mickey Twopints

            Thanks for the link SOQ.

            I was aware of most of those products & brands, but unaware of the TEVA brand generic pharmaceuticals. My pharmacist occasionally asks me if I mind taking “generics” and I’m usually agreeable. From now on I’ll be refusing to accept TEVA generics.

        1. DeKloot

          Lots of technology. Software. Semiconductor. Communications equipment. For example; You know the old chestnut ” calls will be recorded for monitoring and training etc…” Main player in that market is an Israeli firm founded by a couple of ex Mossad dudes. Their tech is scary stuff.

          1. Cian

            BB: “pretty much every mobile phone, tablet, laptop has israeli components”

            really? What parts? Unless they are heavily patented I would have thought the risk of securing parts from Israel was too great… and you’d look for replacement parts from a more reliable country.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    How long before we have a Mea Culpa moment from Varadkar in the Dail? He doth protest too much.

  3. Otis Blue

    Tom Wolfe RIP

    A dapper gent who memorably described his style of dress as a ‘harmless form of aggression’

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        First time was a great time
        Second time was a blast

        Brilliant NKOTB song too.

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