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Young’s Auctioneers, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

(Thanks Frilly Keane)

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  1. Sentient Won

    That’s the two most salient aspects of contemporary Ireland right there:

    The gouging real estate business and the push to establish a profit-driven Abortion Industry.


    1. SOQ

      A lot, most would say way too much, health care is profit driven in Ireland. If abortions were only carried out by public health systems, would you approve?

        1. SOQ

          Do you apply the ‘for profit’ prefix to all private healthcare in Ireland or is it only the parts you don’t agree with?

          1. Sentient Won

            Abortion destroys human lives – it is the opposite of healthcare.

            But you know that.

          2. SOQ

            If a pregnancy is doing a woman’s body irreparable harm then a termination is most definitely healthcare. Do you have private health insurance? Genuine question.

          3. Frill the 8th

            c’mere Senile
            have you had an abortion?

            like you talk like you’ve had some experience of pregnancy

          4. Frilly Botty

            c’mere Senile
            have you had an abortion?

            like you talk like you’ve had loads of experience

          5. mildred st. meadowlark

            I was going to say something awful to that, but I checked myself. I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

        2. Grace

          “Who pays the Abortionist? How much?”

          The abortionist?! Is that what we are calling the GPs who will be prescribing the relevant tablets, before 12 weeks?

          Those pills are cheap as, apparently, so don’t worry about fantasy “profits”
          As they are being bought online now by Irish women and taken unsupervised, I’m going to vote yes to get some Irish medical professionals in on this situation.

    2. Frill the 8th

      Just following yere lead
      How much different is it from operating laundries with free labour and selling babies to childless yanks

      1. Sentient Won

        Another comment deleted Broadsheet?


        Too much truth for you? Frilly Bot put on the spot, unable to answer?


        1. Frilly Botty

          ya wha’

          if sum’ting was deleted it had nathin’ to do with me not being able for it

          so come at me again there Senile

    3. IdiotsKnowWhatIdiotsDo

      “profit-driven Abortion Industry” – you sir an an absolute window licker.

      1. Starina

        well I mean the population is more or less 50% male, 50% female. I feel like you probably pulled that number out of your rear end but even so, it’s not a statistical anomaly.

      2. newsjustin

        Globally its more than 50% girls. What with the horrible reality that in some parts of the world, some foetuses are aborted because they are girls.

        1. Repro-choice Bertie

          Which will not be the law here as well you know.

          The law here now means a 14 year old rape victim must carry her rapist’s child to term. Do you think that’s right and proper?

          1. newsjustin

            As you may have heard me say before. It’s not ok that a human be aborted because of who their father was. I don’t support abortion in the case of rape.

            I do, however, recognise that I’m in the minority and that if the Government really wanted to cater for such awful cases, and not facilitate abortion on demand, then it would be passed by the electorate at a canter.

          2. Listrade

            “Because of who the father is.”

            Here’s where we have a problem. I regularly disagree with Newsjustin, but that might be we only engage on a narrow range of topics. But at least he comes on and states his opinion and discusses (unlike some others who just shit post for the sake of it).

            But for all that, we all have to be consistent or try to be. So when BS publishes details from the No campaign, many of which might be factually dubious, others less so, the message from Justin is that we have to accept the realities of abortion (even though it’s pointed out that no one is in anyway in doubt as to the realities of abortion, we have just weighed up the mother’s needs and made our own decision).

            Respect goes both ways. But is never reciprocated. See McGuirk dismissing actual trauma as “sad stories” and implying they have no place in this debate.

            See dismissing pregnancy from rape and incest as merely a matter of “who the father is.”


            I have accepted the realities of abortion. I know them. Just like it may annoy you to hear a pro-choice reference a foetus as collection of cells, reducing pregnancy from rape and incest to a matter of parentage is not facing up to the realities. It’s reducing it so that you don’t have to deal with or think about the hard truth of what women do and could face. The exact same thing we on the Yes side are accused of.

            Quit the hypocrisy. Quit hiding behind one rule for you and another rule for me.

            Rape and incest are crimes. They are heinous acts. They destroy lives and having to live with that assault lives on forever. That’s without discovering you’re pregnant. There was no consent to that act or pregnancy. This isn’t a case of an accident in a consensual act, it was forced on the woman.

            I’ll take whatever bullshit the No campaign wants to make up, some of its true and some of it’s pulled out of their arses. And it’s nothing to do with “informing” it’s about scaring and disinformation. They hope if they throw enough shit at the blanket some will stick.

            I’ll take it though. But you have to take your own dose too. If you think rape and incest is just a matter of who the father is, if that’s your means on cognitive dissonance, then go and listen to some of the stories. Sit there and let women tell you their experience of rape and pregnancy. Tell them they have no rights just because it’s not the daddy they wanted.

            Because if I have to look at uncomfortable pictures and lies to accept reality, then the least you could do is listen to actual stories and try and find an ounce of empathy for the victims.

            But other than that, you’re sound.

          3. Repro-choice Bertie

            I hadn’t seen you say that before but fair play to you for having the spine to come out and say it. It’s more than the Love Boats crowd can do.

            “if the Government really wanted to cater for such awful cases, and not facilitate abortion on demand, then it would be passed by the electorate at a canter.”
            It can’t be facilitated until we repeal the 8th.

            Legislation can be changed as required but the 8th has to go first.

          4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Interesting. I see the ethical dilemma: sins of the father etc etc. And yet the cruelty of making a woman bear a child she doesn’t want that reminds her every day of an horrendous crime and then later of that child finding out what their beginnings were… I don’t know that the “sins of the father” thing would trump that. Obviously you think so. I can’t wrap my head around it: I think it seems like a very academic viewpoint to take against actual grim reality.

          5. newsjustin

            “Legislation can be changed as required but the 8th has to go first.”

            I can understand why you would hold that position. I don’t agree with abortion outside of what is already permitted by law. So I don’t agree with removing 40.3.3.

          6. rotide

            In fairness to Justin, he’s said that a couple of times before. Like all his opinions, they may be unpopular but he’s usually respectful and clear on his stand without descending into name calling and abuse

          7. Repro-choice Bertie

            That’s a fine philosophical position to take but the reality is 40.3.3 doesn’t prevent abortion in Ireland. It just prevents safe abortion in Ireland. Burying our heads in the sand about it helps nobody.

          8. ahjayzis

            I don’t support your opinion mattering a fupping jot when a child you don’t know has been raped and does not want to be pregnant.

            That’s what I’d vote Yes for – so prurient, curtain-twitchers like you no longer get to call the shots for women you don’t know in situations you don’t give a fupp about. So we don’t have to act like it’s an opinion we must respect that you think you have the right to force a child to carry her fathers baby.

  2. Joe Small

    I don’t think its clever for a business to antagonise 30-40% of their potential clients by taking a stand on a complex moral issue in a referendum campaign. People can make up their own minds and its bad for business.

    1. newsjustin

      As it happens, in the last few days, I encountered someone (they were at work) in a very large public employer wearing a red and grey Repeal jumper.

      I thought fair play to them for wearing it BUT it must be a nightmare for line managers and HR. It’s questionable whether one should wear something with a political slogan at work. And I would say exactly the same thing if it was a Love Both or Save the 8th top I’d seen.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        i doubt many would wear a Love Both or Save the 8th t-shirt

        even nasty cretins feel shame

        1. Spud

          I saw a lad wearing a Love Both t-shirt in a college library the other day.
          And he wasn’t the type I’d expect to be wearing it… he looked like a full on ‘mad student’.
          He gathered a lot of stares but no funks was given on his part.

          I would have thought a lot of employees have policies that wouldn’t agree clothing with political slogans etc…

      2. Grace

        Justin I’m surprised you have so much time to post on Broadsheet about this – I thought you would be too busy volunteering at orphanages and soup kitchens, with your concern about the little ones.

        Or is it just the abstract pre-born humans you are most concerned about?

    2. Jay

      You’re missing some context there. Firstly, it’s Ranelagh, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get carried by at least 80% in polling stations there. If I recall correctly there were some figures of 95% plus going yes on the gay marriage ref in areas of Ranelagh.

      Secondly, if you’re buying a house and realistic about it, you have a certain budget and if acting rationally with a large sum of money you will be seeking the best outcome for that money, then the fact that 1 employee in 1 branch of a large estate agency put up a single A4 sheet of paper that you disagree with isn’t going to make you not use that company.

  3. Martco

    I’ll say one thing for @Sentient Won…

    he/she is at least wearing the heart on the sleeve…being straight & genuine with their bile like.

    unlike some other respectful types on here who write everything in good faith.


    1. newsjustin

      I’m delighted for the offer to live rent free in your head Martco.

      But it might help you if you point out where I haven’t been “straight and genuine”. I’ll address any concerns you have and we can move on. Do provide examples.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        wih all due respect, justin, i’d suggest that the manipulation of prof boylan’s quote last week – and basing your entire argument around that manipulation – is as good an example of someone not being “straight and genuine” as you’ll find. personally, i lost a great deal of respect for you after that.

      2. Martco

        oh and Justin….I’m not here to debate anything with you, just point out how disingenuous you are. should be obvious at this stage.

        1. newsjustin

          Ok Martco. Carry on your watch. Let us know if anything else I say raises a red flag for you.

        1. rotide

          Given the majority of his other comments, I’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. He might have been copypasteing from a pro life source and didn’t himself realise the element of cherrypicking going on.

          1. newsjustin

            Ok. I see the clarification from Cian and it’s clear there was more to Dr Boylan’s quote than I included. I did, indeed, take the quote from a tweet.

            Dr Boylan goes on to mention certain personal, inside information about a woman who died because he claims (or the doctors who told him claim) they could not legally terminate a pregnancy.

            I don’t see any follow up or where I was “subsequently asked about it, but chose to ignore it.” But heh, maybe i was asked.

          2. rotide

            Again, In all fairness, there is sfa in the way of post notifications on this website (does anyone actually tick the email notifications box?). Plenty of times, I’ll write a comment, forget all about it and then wonder was there an answer to it but be completely unable to remember or find the topic it was posted to.

            Can’t blame Justin for bs’s terrible functionality

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