Loathsome Towed


Mark Malone tweetz:

#8thref metaphor on the North Quays. A crass fundamentalist theocratic  hot mess gets towed away. Displays of lies, dishonesty & policies rooted in mysogyny have no place on our streets or on bodies. Get as many out and vote #Together4Yes  and let’s tow in a new future.

5 thoughts on “Loathsome Towed

  1. Paul

    The logic for the No side come from places besides fundamentalist theocracy and misogyny.

    You shouldn’t have to rely on misrepresentation to get your point across if it’s a decent one, don’t do that.

  2. Paul Davis

    I’m all for abortion but the fact on the truck are true in fairness…

    Just because you do not like true facts does not mean they should not be aired.

    1. Nigel

      Be nice if they finished the sentence though. ‘If the mother’s life is at risk.’ Otherwise it’s just half a fact.

  3. SOQ

    Pretty much a sign(pun) of what is to come I think. And the sooner the better. Roll on Friday.

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