Repealin’ In The Years


This is Ireland.

Aisling Malone writes:

I’ve made this short documentary in the vain of Reeling in the Years, highlighting some keys issues, stories and social movements since the 70s.

It’s a must see before the referendum this week.

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30 thoughts on “Repealin’ In The Years

  1. Paul

    Yeah coz the only reason people would vote No is because of the church they don’t go to anymore.

    1. Pee Pee

      I think this video shows how Irish women have been treated in Ireland’s recent history. Which was/is abhorrent to say the least.

        1. Pee Pee

          What do you mean by TILL. The video, it seems, was made with the referendum in mind. Women deserve better. Obviously everyone knows the Catholic church abused boys too. Try and watch this without welling up

    2. TheRealJane

      Yes, why would anyone think that anti abortion misogyny us in any way related to Catholicism?

      1. Paul

        TILL wanting to give equal rights to the unborn is actually really just a guise for misogyny

      1. Paul

        Yeah the church here has left an incredibly poisoned legacy, if i had my way I’d string them all up with the congregation as well as they’re just as complicit in my view.
        I don’t think we should be allowing innocent defenseless things of our kind get caught between us and the church though.

          1. Paul

            You keep suggesting I’m in the States as if that somehow discredits the logic I’m using, surely you can do better?

            I’m in dub by the way

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I stand corrected
            you come across as someone who is here on a mission that’s all who seems removed from the reality of Irish wemons lives
            so I guess that’s where I got that from

          3. Paul

            and you sound like someone who is removed from the reality of oirish foetus’ lives

          4. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            your “reality” is irelative to me and hopefully even less so after the upcoming vote

          5. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand
            however you are far too obvious in your attempts to be yes, obtuse

          6. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            there’s another word I’d love to use as it happens but I won’t stoop to your level

        1. SOQ

          Paul, the church here has left an incredibly poisoned legacy INCLUDING the 8th. No matter how you try and spin it, it was an amendment to the constitution not only supported but championed by the Catholic Church.

          And now that the brand is toxic, you are all tying yourselves up in knots to not appear religious. Never underestimate the influence the church has on us all, right here, right now. Otherwise, why are we still exporting abortions and leaving pregnant women to rot?

          1. Paul

            The amendment was certainly championed and supported then by the church and now by the church and it’s an unfortunate twist of fate that I find myself in agreement with them on this issue but how and ever, a broken clock is still right twice a day and all that.

            I am a militant atheist and take offense at you suggesting that the church till retains influence over my thought process here, now or ever.

            To answer your question we’re exporting abortions because they’re illegal here and pregnant women don’t rot they give birth.

          2. Paul

            I get that you’re angry at the church, we all are and their day is coming but not today, this is not the way. Don’t take it out on these foetus’.

          3. SOQ

            The Church championed the 8th yet we are not supposed to get angry at the church? An amendment shoe horned into our constitution so extreme that very few other countries have anything even close?

            If you are Irish, if you grew up here, then you have probably been educated within the Catholic school system. Whiter you like it or not, that has influenced your mindset and it is near impossible to shake that sort of indoctrination off just because you now disagree with it. Acknowledgement and acceptance is the first steps in recovery after all.

            I’ll go further. I can make a pretty good guess at which men I have encountered in my life who were educated by the Jesuits. Again, some of them had little or no religious beliefs but it was there all the same. It was definitively there.

          4. Paul

            Get as angry at the church as you need to but please don’t take it out on the unborn.

            Also, yeah it is that easy to shake off indoctrinations so I’m good for the whole acceptance is the first step to recovery thing lol.

    1. Bob

      I’m disappointed Broadsheet didn’t fix that either, but the Irish Times can’t even spell the name Ana/Anna consistently in a front page article so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Pee Pee

      She’s not a vlogger, its not her own material. The content in this video is must see.

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