Editor-in-chief of Independent News and Media Stephen Rae

Small violin to hand?

When asked to confirm Mr Rae’s departure, INM declined to comment.

It is the latest development in a period of tumult at the media company, which has recently undergone a major change to its board membership and is fighting efforts by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) to have inspectors appointed to the business.

INM has lost both a chief executive and a chairman in the past year.

G’wan the Gemma, Maurice, etc., etc.

Independent group editor-in-chief Stephen Rae to step down (Irish Times)

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“Since 2013 I have had the privilege and honour to lead the editorial department at INM.

“Now having completed by five-year term as group editor and following a transformation of the group into a digital focused newsroom and content hub, I am to leave the publishing business in a strong position and hand it over to a team of strong and dynamic editors.

“I leave the business at a time when all print titles are market leaders, in addition our online platform independent.ie has become the nation’s go-to news source.

“During my 25 years in INM I feel greatly fortunate to have worked with many extremely bright and exceptional people and to have guided the coverage on some of the biggest news stories our country has seen.”

“I am now looking forward to taking on new digital projects which will focus on my core interests of developing new revenue models for journalism along with the hugely important editorial fight against fake news.”

Statement released by Stephen Rae this afternoon.

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