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The Saw Doctors – Everyday

A song about abortion and Ireland From The Sawdoctors’ third album Same Oul Town (1995) with a new video by Cian Brennan.

Ana Cosgrave, creator of the REPEAL project jumpers, writes

“This is the only song written about the women who travel Everyday from Ireland to access abortion services abroad and this collaboration with the Saw Doctors brings these women’s stories to life. In it we see a diverse range of Irish women, all of whom are voting Yes tomorrow, representing the women who travel. For me this song is a clarion call for care and compassion.”

14 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    I’ve noticed a distinct lack of badges or any other personal indicators in my workplace.

    Its a large staff (maybe 700+) and the subject is conspicuous by its absence over the last few weeks.

    I heard a middle aged woman at breakfast telling her table she was voting No, and suggesting that anyone who has any doubt should do the same.

    None of this is very scientific I know, but I’m becoming a little pessimistic about the prospect of a Yes majority.

    1. newsjustin

      Anyone making a thing of this debate in their place of work is an asshat. I don’t understand why you’d expect to see campaign material in your workplace. Most people are more professional than that. Most.

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        There were a lot of unprofessional employees knocking about during the last referendum in that case, I can tell you. Happy, positive and unprofessional!

        Of course the tone of this is different, but its the absence that struck me.

        As you say, it might be as simple as people keeping politics and work separate.

    2. Alors

      Is this workplace in Dublin?

      No badges doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no’ votes. Lots of people may be silent because they don’t want to raise the subject, but the woman sitting beside you may have her own story of the boat that she’s never told anyone.

      1. Starina

        statistically speaking, in a workplace of 700+ you definitely work with women who have had abortions and men whose partners have.

  2. Friscondo

    Never heard that before! Fair play to them to sensitively address that issue at that time. Great video. I work in mental health care, and everyone I work with is voting Yes. People very annoyed by Casey and others dismissing mental health as an issue in crisis pregnancies. So, just Vote Yes! It’s the right thing to do.

    1. missred

      I do believe Ronan Mullen dismissed mental health on the debate last night as not being real health…

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        That’s because Ronan Mullen is a grub.

        He wouldn’t understand something as complex as mental health.

        1. Jeff Ree

          He has an incredibly low evidentiary barrier when it comes to religion yet an inexplicably high one when it comes to well-established medico-psychiatric science.

          He’s such a dildo.

          1. Martco

            Ronan Mullan gives me hope for the future.
            no, really he does.
            ‘cos if he can land a nice very cushty (66k + bens) senators job for a few hours of unnecessary monologue then surely I could land one of those for myself. I just need to figure out how he did it. does anyone know? how Ronan Mullen got his job?

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