Meanwhile, On ‘Repeal Island’

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This evening.

Una Donnelly joined Yes campaigners filing a traffic island in Fairview, Dublin 3 willing commuters of legal voting age to choose repeal.

Thanks Olga

20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On ‘Repeal Island’

  1. petey

    “look at that child, being exploited for political purposes”, said the Yes campaigners about the No campaigners.

  2. SOQ

    Taste of Dublin actually still use words like ‘bubbles’? Or was that 500k a year just improvising?

    1. Repro-choice Bertie

      Polls closed, exit polls a calculating.

      Don’t vote now! You’re vote won’t count and you WILL be charged by your network provider.

    1. Repro-choice Bertie

      I fear the whole going to bed thing. Trump and Sasamach were beaten when I went to bed but I woke up in an alternate dimension.


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