A separate Exit poll was conducted by RTÉ and Behaviour & Attitudes.

Exit poll indicates large majority vote to change abortion laws (RTÉ)

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          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Oh if you insist. Mr meadowlark probably wouldn’t be pleased, but then you never know.

        1. Martco


          schools & hospitals & any other entanglements

          drive them into the sea, this country has had enough!

          congrats everyone for what ye made happen today! think it’s fair to say a YES was never really in doubt but the proper spread will deliver the message with volume at 11 that many of our deaf politicians need to hear if they want to survive into the future. at least a 20 point spread…well well. fair play Ireland!

    1. Spud

      I won’t believe it til I see the final count.
      I think everyone is exhausted from this vote.
      Really hope the media don’t show many people ‘partying’ away in celebrating a Yes victory.
      Not sure if any one on the yes side deserves a credible mention, apart from those whose personal stories really hit me hard.

      1. SOQ


        There is nothing to celebrate. Let’s put all those support suggestions made by the No campaign in place too. Otherwise it is just the same in reverse.

        1. CoderNerd

          The self organisation, commitment and drive by many people, young and old, campaigning over a very long time to bring about repeal and keep the issue on the table was amazing and shows what Irish people can achieve working together.

          I think they deserve to celebrate this if repeal carries the day.

          There also needs to be time to healing of a lot of hurt and division occured by both sides over the campaign, not gloating. I can believe a lot of no voters honestly believe they are doing best in voting that way.

          1. Nigel

            A lot of people put their hearts and souls into this. If they can’t celebrate a resounding and historic victory, then there’s no justice in this ol’ world.

        2. Bob

          Thank you SOQ, there’s nothing to celebrate this is only the start.
          Now we need to make sure the changes are well thought out.

          Maybe we can get FG to rollback their shameful cuts to families and single parents.

          1. Custo

            There won’t really be anything to celebrate at the end either. It’s abortion ffs.

        3. Niamh

          What supports did they suggest?

          No seriously – what supports?

          Campaigners I spoke to last night met a man at a door who insisted, repeatedly, that the answer to crisis pregnancy was ‘five star Magdalene laundries’.

          What concrete, serious, practical supports for women have they come up with in 35 years?

          I for one aim to be gracious in success. But these people have formally accused me of being a murderer, on street sighs across my country, for eight weeks, without once – ever, in my life – giving me the slightest modicum of support, without comprehending the complicated situation of a crisis pregnancy.

          If people want to gloat in their face, that is why. They have been heinous and cruel regarding a sensitive personal issue. They deserve nothing but ridicule and should show contrition now.

      2. Murtles

        +68% Buff counters will ruin this. The Healy Raes have snuck in votes. I’m hoping beyond hope this is true but I’ve been at enough counts to know exit polls don’ mean poo. Cmon the Yes

      1. SOQ

        Ha. What goes around comes around, they brought it on themselves.

        No matter what direction they look there are people who passionately… couldn’t give a poo what their think.

  1. Andrew

    Checked RTE and Tubridy was speaking to a woman who talks to angels. WTF is RTE at??
    I’m stunned by that margin! Frilly was right!
    Ireland is changing at last

    1. bisted

      …RTE have slipped up big time on this…English TV announced an exit poll seconds after the polls closed on their last election which turned out to be almost 100% accurate…IT have stolen their thunder…

      1. Andrew

        Extraordinary decision by RTE to delay for that long.
        I felt sorry for David McCullagh.

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      I haven’t watched the Late Late in years, I turned on to see the exit poll and reaction, all I get is some crazy lady telling us she sees gaurdian Angeles. WTF were they thinking? crazy stuff.

  2. SOQ

    Shocked. Let’s be having you FF TD’S who oppose proposed legislation now? And as for the doctors.

    We should also pray for our northern colleagues, especially the SDLP who are so far from their base they deserve to be wiped out next time around.

  3. Listrade

    Remind me again how the Yes campaign had got it’s message wrong.

    No bullying, no lies, no scapegoats, just honesty.

    Well done everyone involved.

    1. Nigel

      Jumpers, badges, murals, clipboards, knocking on doors, and never for a second taking even the possibility of a win for granted.

    2. Frilly Keane

      And ground work Lissy
      Door to Door
      Face to Face
      Hand to Hand
      And being as public and open as they could

      Hid behind stupid stories
      Silly stuff on trailers
      Brimstone spitting from podium to pulpit
      To Horror Porn outside hospitals
      Healy Rea
      Whatever yer having yerself
      All of ’em – just couldn’t get a single story straight between them

    3. Bob

      Together for Yes ran a great campaign, well focused and concentrated on the logical need to repeal to affect any change. Others not so much.

      ROSA were possibly the most myopic and inept, preaching only to their own base.
      Sinn Féin should be forced to sit on the naughty step for those self serving Mary Lou posters.

      1. Everyone

        Wow, that is some astonishing ignorance regarding ROSA. You couldn’t be more wrong. They have been BRILLIANT, proper heroes, for years.

        1. Andrew

          Well the exit polls suggest that something like 70% had their minds made up years ago and were not influenced by any campaign.

          1. Niamh

            How / why do the exit polls suggest that? The polls did not poll for party affiliation or motivation, just votes.

          2. Andrew

            The EXIT polls asked several questions Niamh, including that of party affiliation.
            It did ask when people came to their decision and gave different time frame options.
            With regard party affiliations, Fianna Faíl voters for example, were about 50/50 yes/no.

  4. italia'90

    I’m walking, no. I’ll skip back to the pub now.
    My 66.6% prediction during the week was in jest, but my fingers were crossed :D
    Sh it just got real for a few organisations. The end is nigh Mofo’s.
    We’re taking you down next!

      1. italia'90

        Just enjoying one now thanks Cian. Took me 15 mins to walk jauntily to my local, nearly 10 mins to order a round, the place is heaving. We’re enjoying a full Irish buffet of twitter feeds from the anti-choice Irish Taliban. McGuirks is particularly delicious. Quinn sounds like he’s about to start a new political party. Good luck with that! Had to laugh at the guy who said “the pro life crowd would vote for the Nazi’s if they promised No Abortion” I don’t disagree with him judging by some of the responses. My all time favourite PR man Chemical Ali even showed up. lol

        1. Frilly Keane

          Quinn actually deleted a load of tweets

          Don’t worry
          I learned how to screen shoot

          1. italia'90

            There’s a lot of it going on.
            We’re arguing here about how to keep the Rebellion going… the Taliban aren’t going away you know.
            Foreign interference and moolah in our democracy has been raised and needs careful consideration in the future.
            Everyone here is in agreement about one thing. That the State must fully separate itself from the Church.

  5. Starina

    Incredible! and hopefully the strength of the % win will mean more liberal legislation

  6. Ron

    I hope its right… Let’s say the referendum result is a YES tomorrow. My understanding is that the Dail needs to legislate accordingly which will not happen immediately. I read Coveney in the Examiner say it is unlikely there will be any legislation enacted by end of 2018. So hypothetical question: Heaven forbid, there was a repeat of the Savita case in the next few weeks; are the medical profession still unable to carry out a termination at the request of the mother?

    1. Orla

      They can carry out terminations now anyway in those circumstances. And do. Read hse guidelines on managing miscarriages

        1. Orla

          Was my reply not helpful? Ron wanted to know what happens between now and legislation coming in.

          1. SOQ

            Unfortunately things remain as is. Let’s hope it doesn’t hurt too many more women eh?

          2. Ron

            Thanks for reply. I think people are under the impression that this comes into effect immediately. Are there time limits on when legislation has to be enacted following a referendum? Will the proposed bill pass quickly or smoothly through the Houses? Will FF play politics with this and kick the can down the road?

    2. rotide

      Maybe now they’ll grow a set and do what needs to be done without worrying about possible legal action (which remains a possibility untill legislation happens)

    3. Frilly Keane

      well Ron

      I predict a stampede to the Dail to get the Legislation signed by October, maybe even earlier
      Leo and the Simons may even cancel the summer shutdown
      (and they would be doing themselves a huge political favour if they did)
      The Legislation will be the only thing on the Government agenda now
      While they have the momentum
      The Votes
      and the Matties etc are back home saving the hay (and their seats)

      If in the meantime, Doctors are compromised, there is no Judge going to ignore the overwhelming instruction given to them by the Citizens of Ireland yesterday

      If some prick wants to test it
      Let them at it
      it’ll just speed up their exit

    1. Frilly Keane

      and you still think terminating a pregnancy is funny

      you are a very disturbing human being Snowflake

      but I’m ok with that because you see these facilities and units will be within our Maternities
      and you’ll have learned that we will protect them and the patients inside
      from the likes of you

  7. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Hopefully the weasels on here the last while while feck off back to now and we can get back to talking civilly and nonsensically again.

    1. SOQ

      Most of us have someone with downs in our families, you don’t understand the Irish psyche if you think that is going to change.

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    The tightness im my throat from stressing is now a bit of a lump. This is so gratifying. Grassroots over astroturf and the grassroots worked their lovely bottoms off.

    Míle buíochas. Thank you.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I seriously hope that it reflects what we see tomorrow in the ballot boxes.

  9. painkiller

    Looks like the result most people on here wanted.

    The clinics will follow but let’s not forget that we live in a country that does soft touch regulation like no other, that has ineffective politicians like no other and business ethics like no other. What could possibly go wrong?

    Let’s not forget the subversive nature of the constitutional amendments.

    1. The last referendum was driven as a rights and equality issue yet the existing Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 wasn’t much discussed despite being created to address the issue – so it was really about changing the legal definition of family and using a historical persecution argument to sway the centre vote. And that is fine by me, but have the back-bone present it that way and fight for that.

    2. This referendum is driven as as a rights and equality issue yet the existing Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 has not been much discussed despite being created to address the issue – so it’s really about changing the social stigma around willful abortion and using a historical persecution argument to sway the centre vote. Again, that is fine by me, but have the back-bone present it that way and fight for that.

    3. The next referendum (could it be legalisation cannabis or decriminalisation of substances?) will be driven as as a rights and equality issue. The govt might introduce some Act in the meantime to address the issue but it won’t be much discussed during the referendum – so it will really be about availability of cannabis for recreational use and using a historical persecution argument to sway the centre vote. Again, that is fine by me, but have the back-bone present it that way and fight for that.

    And we’ll do it all again….and again….and learn nothing of objectivity or engaging in honest arguments.

    1. Nigel

      That’s the sound of a concern troll searching for the centre of a burning bridge to hide under.

    2. SOQ

      This was an amendment shoehorned into the constitution by a corrupt politician with a very public mistress and championed by the Catholic Church.

      It is a good day for Irish democracy.

    3. PlumBobSmearPants

      Go find sell your slippery slope elsewhere cos we’re not interested and we’re certainly not buying it.

    4. edalicious

      “…and learn nothing of objectivity or engaging in honest arguments.”

      *raises eyebrows questioningly*

  10. PlumBobSmearPants

    In the immortal words of the ‘hay rolling with fidelma’ woolly heartthrob Miley Byrne “Well Holy God…”

    Didn’t see such a margin coming. However. Youse have been told. Ireland is not the Ireland shame and repression. We’ve dragged it by the scruff of the neck – finally – into a new age.

  11. Diddles

    Currently blaring McAlmont & Butler’s ‘yes’ throughout my house and I would encourage you to do the same

  12. Dinny Do Well?

    Awesome. If you’re over 65 and from Connaught/Ulster – you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    The rest – good job.

    1. PlumBobSmearPants

      Ah shure the release of an early grave will provide a warm embrace. On the angels so it will be.

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Ahh here, leave Connacht / Ulster out of it, we did our bit and supported repeal.

      You have no idea where the crinkles who voted no were located.

  13. Repro-choice Bertie

    The Citizen’s Assembly was 64% and the Love Boats told us it was unrepresentative of the Irish people.

  14. Dinny Do Well?

    “Young people of Ireland. I love you”

    In a good way. Not in the Catholic priest sense.

    Now, legislation aside, can we do something about the PREPOSTEROUS 4 year wait to get divorced? Can’t stand that priest I am married to…

  15. Catherine costelloe

    Well done to all the “Yes” team and I am mightily impressed at the Irish travelling from abroad to vote.
    Have a sunny weekend !

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      A nice dilution of all the spud-wielding genes and some (much needed) new blood, coupled with better skincare regimes and make up.

  16. rotide

    Really thought it would be closer. Never been happier to be wrong.

    I hope now that the honest and well meaning people on both sides can work together and come up with decent legislation to back this up

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      There’ll be a GE within the year, most politicians won’t want this to be an issue when canvassing.

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