How I Voted


Polling station at Ballsbridge Colleger, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 this morning

This morning.

Laura Jane writes:

I have just voted. I found myself completely overwhelmed and in tears on the steps outside of the polling station. What have i done? Have i done the right thing?

I am crying for the lives i may have helped to be no more, I am crying for the women and girls who are scared and trapped and need an out. I am crying because the weight of this referendum and the campaign has taken its toll.

I have been open and listened and felt and heard and now i am spent. I am scared of what a YES will mean but i am terrified of a what a NO will continue to bring. NO won’t save lives, it will continue to ruin them. Those babies will still die but the hearts of the women will be broken by their decision and their only option to travel or to take poison alone in their homes.

YES will not save babies but it will save women. I am terrified to rely on healthcare in Ireland, i am terrified to be potentially trapped, in need. I am terrified that NO will win and i will continue to be at risk.

I will take the weight of a YES, of all those babies lives. I will balance it in the knowledge that my YES might and should result in their mothers lives being saved. I have to hold on to that. I am broken my this whole sorry mess.


22 thoughts on “How I Voted

  1. Teds Big Adventure

    The sooner social media is forced to comply with the same rules as other media outlets regarding rules around campaigning and influencing outcomes on voting days the better. Leave people alone to make their own decision on that one day. Websites could do well to start self regulating before a heavy hand (that none of us really want lets face it) comes down on this.

    1. Cian

      Agreed. In fact nobody should be allowed mention the Referendum on the day, perhaps a day of complete silence is the way forward.

    2. realPolithicks

      What a load of nonsense, if people haven’t made up their minds by the day of the vote they should just stay home.

  2. Murtles

    I gazed at her beauty for ages
    But all I could do was stare
    ‘Coz the superglue leaked in my pocket
    And stuck my ar5e to the chair.


  3. Science

    Jesus will you take a chill pill. You walked into some primary school and scribbled an x on a piece of paper. This referendum has shown a large cohort of Irish women to be batpoo crazy

  4. Bertie Blenkinsop

    I was gonna be snarky but she’s basically how I’ll be during the CL Final.

  5. DD

    Oh Laura Jane, you okay hun?

    Poor wee chick, won’t happen again for another 35 years.

    You might be less foolish then.

    xx DD

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