Behold the 2019 Aston Martin DB11 AMR Coupe – a 630bhp, V12, twin-turbo grand tourer capable of 335km/h with an active exhaust system for extra rort.

Yours for €206,000.


8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

      1. vertigo

        Actually the jag came first and the previous models also looked like jags
        Its pretty sad they cannot employ a designer who designs something original not follow trends
        And the yellow stripe? Pretty ford
        I suppose their last stunning car was in the 70s

        1. Adama

          If you mean the F type then no I would think the design evolution of AM calls out the features well ahead of them…Jaguar taking their direction from AM. Open to discussion on this since I will never own either marque

  1. scottser

    It’s no db5. And that much power to an eejit like me would see it wrapped round a tree in no time.

    1. vertigo

      I agree its no DB 5 but hell look at the series DB 2 to 6 all drool machines
      Past six lost it all
      The DB 7 looked like a wedge of cheese then the 9 looked like a jag

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