May I Have Your Attention, Please?


Visual artist David Tully writes:

Over the weekend I was in a will i/won’t I mood, about going to see a possible art residency (for myself) in the midlands. Tiny, remote place, outside Portlaoise

Decided to go, Feck it. They had an Art opening. Discovered a new-ish Art Building attached to a new-ish refurbished library. Wondering around, I notice this leaflet  (above).

Took it down, quickly taking a crappy iPhone picture.

I know it’s Summer. No one is in the mood really for issues (I suggest generally). But this. I Knew it was only a matter of time.

Background, I spent a long time in the States. For some reason or another I become aware of the whole ADHD thing. Guess thru listening to Gary Null, health radio, PBS, activist guy (see  Prescription For Disaster). Started talking to my immediate friends. Learning this wasn’t some abstract thing.

One friend “yeah I was medicated from 10 to 14”. Another friend, a computer scientist, in Brooklyn. Called to the school. The teacher says (usual line) “We haven’t the extra time+staff+resources to deal w/ your energetic kid” (nutshell) “either new school or medicate”.

Most parents. Tired. Economically challenged. Daunted by upheaval of a new school. Unaware. Quiet life. Give in. My friend brought his kid to a top child psychologist slash doctor in Manhattan. Upshot, absolutely nothing wrong w/ him. My ex-girlfriend’s sister. After a school recommendation. Same line. But they’ve started to medicate Priel, she’s eight. To the total shock upset anger of the rest of her family.

So I did a project (above) on the BigPharma bull that is ADHD. In the mid 2000s. Not that I make issuey Art. But this particularly incensed me. Why, because if I grew up in America. Chances are I would have been been medicated.

Returning to Ireland. Having a Cork girlfriend. Discover BigPharma’s cosy quiet little operation outside Cork. All the big Pharma Giants. Knowing what I know. I think. Have they started lobbying local GPs to prescribe. Lobbying teachers to suggest help. Lobbying Colleges, academic papers, reports. Or whatever’s the equivalent of the FDA here.

Or maybe they’re just staying quiet. And God knows what Erin Brockovich polluting activity is going to on, in the water, outside Cork.

So this little A3. (above) w/ it’s colourful, child friendly sweet graphics. On a notice board in a little library. And the library is very Family-ish more so than anything. Well, alarm bells went off.

It means, someone somewhere has decided now is the time to peddle this evil in Ireland. And maybe start off, off the radar, in middle Ireland. Where you can bet two things. Sure as fupp. They don’t know anything about BigPharma in this little place. And Two. Cutting to the chase. ADHD. Is just bullshit. There’s zero science behind it,  How is it? outta no where. A 100% ADHD spike diagnosis since early 90s.

This little A3, isn’t an accident. Far from benign. Its a campaign. It’s strategy.


13 thoughts on “May I Have Your Attention, Please?

  1. Operatick

    The link they have on the poster ( redirects to (but there is no website to behold, just an empty page), which looks to have been registered through danish domain company Quite odd. Why make a poster but not have the website set-up?

  2. Rob_G

    For a visual artist, David sure can’t take photos for toffee – I can’t see what is going on either in the photo of the leaflet, or in the photo of his exhibit.

  3. edalicious

    David, all due respect but you’re talking through your hoop.

    “ADHD. Is just bullshit. There’s zero science behind it”

    ADHD has a proven genetic link and it is caused by problems with neurotransmission of dopamine (and possibly norepinephrine?). It has a wealth of science behind it. Whether or not it is over-diagnosed is certainly an argument one could make but to make the leap from that to “it’s just bullshit”, is definitely a step too far.

  4. wearnicehats

    I’d imagine that poster has been around since before Takeda bought Shire for €52billion in May.

    In the old days they would treat ADHD kids with speed

  5. John f

    I agree with his general sentiments. People are being over medicated often for conditions that did not exist a decade ago. Notice how with every new psychological condition identified has more syllables in its name than all previous ones, they also tend to be very technical in how they are named and very difficult to retort against.
    Some children are hyperactive and their attention is often skewed. It’s a phase that all children go through, it’s part of growing up. They will eventually grow out of it. The idea that a person can simply medicate themselves out of it is preposterous. In some extreme cases medication may be required but not at the level is given out like Smarties now at.

  6. GO'S

    There is indeed massive over-diagnosis and medication of ADHD. It is, exactly as said, often an excuse for adults who may indeed lack the time or skills to help an inattentive or hyper-active child.

  7. Nigel

    Must be fun for kids to be caught between over-medication and outright denial that they even have a problem that could be helped with proper intervention.

  8. Brefni

    Attention Deficit Disorder is a very real condition that effects the brain’s executive function skills. Hyperactivity is just one component, not present in all cases and two-thirds of children with ADD will continue to have symptoms into adulthood. Undiagnosed & untreated, it can have devastating effects on a person’s education, career, marriage or social life. Dr Russell Barkley has some excellent lectures on YouTube explaining ADD. I suggest David take his head out of his botty and do a little research before he puts his ignorance on display for the whole world to see.

  9. ____

    I don’t want to comment specifically on ADHD, but I find it a worrying trend in the last few years that pharmaceutical companies have started skirting the ban on advertising prescription meds by advertising the diseases themselves.

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