13 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Charles doing his ‘Kinging’ in Cork and Kerry is unsettling. They closed off Killarney National Park to visitors because of the Royal visit, which annoyed many Irish holidaying folk and locals. Due to security, they had little notice. I don’t wish the shy prince ill but perhaps he’ll take his damned rhododrendron back with him.

    1. Cu Cullan

      He’s going to keep coming back until they let him visit the house Fr. Ted was part filmed in. That’s the only thing he wants to do. Aside from the infamous Craggy connection it is also a very famous organic farm.

    2. Topsy

      Wonderful to see the Royal couple being welcomed by the people of Cork today. Great to see our two nations living in mutual respect for each other. I visit the UK on a regular basis & find the people most friendly & welcoming. Unfortunately some political obsoletes continuing to display an inferiority complex when it comes to Ireland/GB relations. Also as Ireland haven’t made, I’ll be supporting England in the world cup.

      1. SOQ

        Yes and some political obsoletes continuing to display an superiority complex on the other side too?

        This visit was requested by the British government to assist in its Brexit PR so the reason is current not historical. Modem day anti British sentiment is based on what is happening in Britain not Ireland and is shared by the majority of Scots too.

        1. SOQ

          Of course there is an ironic twist of faith in all of this. The house of Windsor is pro Europe so now you have FG, SF and the British Royals all batting on the one team.

          Who would have ever predicted that eh?

        2. tonyboy

          Can we not just give it a rest
          Topsy’s comment shows how we must all get on
          Like it or not the UK is a major source of tourist and our longest trading nation
          What ever happens over brexit,we will still be trading with them and we can have a friendly relationship or one bordering on hostility
          I would choose a friendly one

  2. SOQ

    A really good news story for a Friday. Warmest congratulations to ‘the happy girl’ Vicky Phelan (@PhelanVicky) on her medical test results. If ever the Irish nation was collectively sending positive energy to an individual, it is you. May your recovery continue at speed. You go girl. XX.

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