20 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Flathead Frannie Fitzgerald, Zappone and their chums have a lot to answer for. They are the architects of ‘Tusla’ – the shambles that keeps on giving.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Varadkar doing the ‘we will use those extra taxes to pay down debt’ line. Which is FG spake for ‘oooooh another €3bn to play with’. I wonder who will be the beneficiary this time.
    The sooner Varadkar calls an election the better. He and his ilk need to be ousted.

    1. ahjayzis

      The sooner he calls an election the sooner he’ll cement himself in there for the next five years. Have you seen the polls? Be careful what you wish for.

    2. simon

      We still owe 204 billion and that’s after the vulture funds have bought the 200 billion of distressed property
      At the height of the bust we had around 250 billion national debt
      So 250 billion minus 200 billion = 50 billion
      So where has the 150 billion disappeared?
      I know fine Gaels fiscal space
      So all the dish will go to public sector pay and pensions and maybe 50 euros if we are lucky to the private sector

  3. SOQ

    ESRI says we’re running out of workers. Probably true but given accommodation costs, why should it be a surprise?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      35 years of being aware of the ESRIand I don’t remember a time when they were accurate.

    2. simon

      Why cannot the ersi state public sector pensions must be reformed and public sector wages frozen then tax cuts can be given to all?
      Answer they are a public sector body

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Is the English prince Harry a wife-beater? The tabloids have all sorts of celeb poo poo and notions but that’s a powerful accusation is it not?

    1. simon

      The father of markle seems to be some sort of work
      As for the tabloids
      Imagine if the papers here accused a minister of being a wife beater or even suggested one was

        1. simon

          Jesus the guys not even two weeks married
          Seems the gutter press are already starting on the next generation of royals
          They hounded his mother now its starting against his wife and him
          Remember fergie as well
          I wish him and her nothing but happiness

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