‘Turning The Internet Into A Passive Media Platform’


A video from Luke Ming Flanagan MEP neatly outlining the threats posed by the EU toward sites like Broadsheet and the internet as we know it.

Our future is at stake.

Call your MEP NOW!

Luke Ming Flanagan

Thanks Dermot Bohan

26 thoughts on “‘Turning The Internet Into A Passive Media Platform’

  1. rotide

    The future will be made up of videos with music that mysteriously ends halfway through apparently

    1. Name

      Who of Our meps is planning to vote for the filtering and so called neighboring rights rules?

  2. John f

    For the lack of a better term, I am going to refer to those at the top or in charge as the powers that be. Over the past decade especially in the last 2 years they have lost the ability to set and steer the narrative given around a topic.
    This was especially true around the migrant crisis. I remember before I saw a meme that contained a picture of 30 or 40 young African males on a relief ship with the question captioned “where are all the women and children?” There was a hyperlink below it to a more fleshed out article on the topic.
    This is a great way of capturing the attention of those who casually know that something is up with the story But don’t have the time to look into the matter for themselves.
    It then compounds on its self because they can share the picture and link.
    So now the powers that be are trying to bring in laws to stop this. I can see this backfiring superbly, The Streisand effect Has kicked in and those at the top are looking extremely out of touch with their electorates.

  3. Termagant


    jesus christ I’ve never been in the kind of stitches I’m in right now

  4. Johnny Keenan

    ‘Whoever controls the media controls the mind ‘
    Is a quote credited to the bould Jim Morrison

    It’s amazing that the Germans are at it again.
    It’s like they won the war.

    The internet has emancipated us. It’s revolutionised our thinking and acting.
    We have to raise our voice of reason where we can.

    We control our thoughts and opinions.
    not the internet and those who try to control it.

    The information battle that mainstream corporate media think they own are in fact losing greatly, with all their money and power and their militant propagandists.
    Their fake news can not cover up the facts that is abundantly clear to the masses, especially the younger generation.

    Governments including our own are controlled by corporations.
    They have their paid governments Trolls that are paid by our money to control threads and stop the flow of good honest and informed conversation.

    Broadsheet are leading the way in Ireland in making real news accessible and engaging for all. Even the anonymous who need to be anonymous. And even the trolls who need to be? Sorry I don’t know what these worthless waters need to be.
    No doubt they’ll come out from underneath the bridge and tell us.

    Irish MEP’s have a role to play in giving us the information we need in order to best be able to deal with it.
    #RTEbias will not give us the information we need to know nor will Citizen Mane corporate media.

    Information is knowledge
    Knowledge is power
    Power to the Peaceful
    Because peaceful people are reasonable people.

    I’m delighted I voted for Ming as my MEP

    Never forget we put our politicians into Europe to report back what we need to know.

    That’s why I have a reasonable knowledge of what’s going on in bureaucratic Brussels.
    It’s thanks to Luke Ming Flanagan and other MEP’s that are not associated with right European christian parties that FG and FF have associated themselves with.

    Ask your MEP to give their opinion on what Ming is talking about here and you’ll get an interesting reply, if you get one at all.
    Here’s a link and a wink

    Viva Jim Morrison
    Viva Luke Ming Flanagan
    Viva Broadsheet.ie

          1. Papi

            I’m pretty sure david has broken into Harrys house and is forcing him to be like this. Blink twice if you need help, Harry.

          2. mildred st meadowlark

            I had wondered.

            I suspect this is just a cheap imitation of our Harry and I’m having none of it.

          3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I thought Harry’s comments were not very harryish lately,
            sure he might be going through a bit of an upheaval or sometbing
            Hope all is ok with you in the real world Harry

          4. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            what I want to know is why everyone is on here late and early !? nd from what I can gather its the locals ..what’s going on ?

        1. IdiotsKnowWhatIdiotsDo

          Ahhh you speak from a position of obvious knowledge of “drug” Harry.
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          I want “drug” legal like Ming… half the reason is to make goons like yourself bearable.

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