A Wonderful Lack Of Respect For Everything And Everybody


This morning.

On the banks of the Royal Canal, off Dorset Street, Dublin 1.

Frank McNally tweetz:

Summertime in Dublin. The morning after a party at Brendan Behan’s place.

41 thoughts on “A Wonderful Lack Of Respect For Everything And Everybody

    1. Fact Checker

      Or Dublin City Council could empty existing bins more frequently, put in place temporary bins, pay litterpickers overtime, hire temporary staff, etc.

      This kind of mess is pretty predictable. Certain spots at certain times of year.

      Some people in Dublin are indeed pretty filthy. But the city council is pretty unresponsive too.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        walking around Dublin I have noticed a severe lack of bins anywhere, it’s a wonder the place isn’t much much filthier

        1. Robert

          yep, came on to say this. There’s no bins nearby.

          I cycle past this daily, and normally “the regulars” gather their leavings into plastic bags and hang them on the fence.

          These guys are blowins I suspect. The weather brings them all in, and you won’t see any different at the Marina park in Malahide, except for the fact that in Malahide the corpo sends in people to clean up after.

      2. Holden MaGroin

        Or, and hear me out on this, don’t be a winkie and bring your rubbish home with you.

        1. Fact Checker

          Apologies…….but I think paying local property tax to my local authority should mean that I shouldn’t have to carry an infant’s soiled nappy around for several hours on a warm day.

          1. papa p

            You carried a soiled nappy around for several hours and didn’t pass a bin? I call BS.

          2. jimmy

            Part of parental responsibility
            If you had a dog and you did not carry a poop bag and your dog fouled you would be fined

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    There are 5 litter wardens in Dublin City. Only 5.
    ~691 litter fines per year (that’s about 1 fine ever second day per officer)
    ~22 dog-fouling fines per year.
    If Dublin were serious about keeping clean, we would be used to seeing these guys on the street.

    1. shortforBob

      Very well said theo

      I knew it was bad, but had no idea we had so few litter wardens.
      Classic Irish approach to add more rules but rarely bother to enforce them.
      Other countries go so far as to DNA test dog poop so they can issue fines to poopers

      If Dublin is going to be anything close to “smoke free” I’d like to see far more litter wardens handing out fines to all people and places that fail to clean up after smokers. Chewing gum is about the only litter worse than the amount of cigarette buts, they’re everywhere.

    2. jimmy

      At the end of the day its about filthy pigs that would drop their filth where ever they can
      A good sentence would be a garbage truck visits their home and fills it with the filth of the contents
      Then they can get to work cleaning out their home realising the importance of the lesson

  2. Dermie

    Funny how we were able to clean up after ourselves in France for Euros yet can’t manage it in our own country…

    1. Junkface

      Exactly, that was just for international showin off. “Are we a great bunch of lads now?”
      I think the problem with installing new bins is that they get set on fire it they are plastic, maybe the metal ones are too costly.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        New bins that were installed after terrorist attacks ( as they need to be transparent ) would work
        basic freestanding metal rim with a biodegradable bag attached to said rim, pretty low on materials

    1. ReproBertie

      Shocking insecurity from Ollie there. Not enough that he needs Ireland’s backing for Sasamach but he can’t even celebrate an English victory without making sure that the Irish are in it with him.

      Be your own man Ollie. Enjoy the highs because there have been and will be plenty of lows.

  3. Bs

    Strange how parks and the quays and banks of the Seine are always packed during the summer and this is never the aftermath…knackers gonna knack I suppose

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      Well there are bins EVERYWHERE that are changed constantly
      plus streetcleaners every day

  4. jimmy

    West cork was very beautiful clean and tidy last week then the city folk arrived to marvel at our stunning countryside and of course dumped all their rubbish when they left

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        we are at peak name change rapidity
        maybe it’s the beginning of the end

  5. Bort

    You know when you get community service from a Judge in this country, what do you do? Coach a few GAA matches or what? Send em out with a bag and stick with a nail on the end! Of course if there was a few pence to be made on empty bottles and cans, an entrepreneurial hobo would make a killing!

    1. pedeyw

      If there were some money to be made from recycling in Ireland there would definitely be less rubbish everywhere. Some festivals ask for a €1 deposit on plastic drink cups and the places remain fairly clean.

  6. Kolmo

    It’s a strange city – one of the only capitals without public conveniences (Jackses) in the centre. There seems to be a serious lack of investment in keeping the place clean, littering is the activity of the semi-feral amongst us but if there were just some effort made by the city to manage a litter bin system, like a normal city in Europe, we would be less inclined to think of the city as somewhere to avoid..

    1. Junkface

      The problem is that everything new gets vandalised by the semi – feral amongst us, or set on fire. They need to set up a new public bin system complete with overlooking CCTV cameras as a self defence. Public toilets all over Dublin were shut down due to drug abusers shooting up in them, and general vandalism also. If they built new toilets, how would they stop the same from happening?

    2. SOQ

      +1. Talk of fining people for discarding butts yet when was the last time you seen a bin with a cigarette dispenser? Hueston and Connolly stations have them, expect they are always full so full that people stub the cigarettes out on the top, then they blow everywhere. That said, it doesn’t take much to stick a few cans in a bag and take them home. Two sides to every story.

  7. Liam Knuj

    A lot of this litter is bottles and cans. If there was a deposit on then, people would return them instead of just leaving them on the ground.

  8. Marbe

    Many public toilets on the Continent appear to be run by individuals who keep them clean, provide loo rolls, soap and towels. I don’t know how they work it but am sure someone in DCC could find out

  9. joe dolan

    this is ALL dubs fans (bog ball, not music) who congregate before and after croker and wreck the gaff along the canal. Every. Single. Game.
    Pray for rain, I do…

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