That’s Me In The Picture


Saturday night.

Ballsbridge.Dublin 4

Kildare duo and three-year-old Irish music phenomenon Picture This – Jimmy Rainsford on drums and Ryan Hennessy on guitar and vocals – perform a sold out concert at the RDS Showgrounds.

In fairness.

Mark Stedman/Rollingnews

9 thoughts on “That’s Me In The Picture

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Make hay while the sun shines and all that. I wish them continued success. Both the band and the crowd looked like they were enjoying themselves and, sure, isn’t that all that matters.

  1. Nullzero

    I hear them on the radio in the office and they seem to write a lot of songs about telling their girlfriend how special she is and begging her not leave and how unworthy of her they are.
    Very whingy stuff indeed, maybe they’ll be interesting when they get dumped.

    1. Joe

      It’s awful whiny alright. Not for me but they are very popular indeed. Does your man sound a bit like The Coronas guy or is it a warble that is “of the time” with similar bands.

  2. Christopher

    I’m gonna sound like an old git here but I live 4 Kms away in Dublin 8 and the noise from both these concerts was ridiculous- was very annoying to have to listen that as the sound comes through over the TV. Does the council bother to monitor it? God help anyone actually in the venue who’s ears were bleeding.

    1. Cu Cullan

      I live a lot closer and it was horrendous.. please complain to the council.. it was unbearably loud. I had a child crying with the cacophony..

  3. Jimmy devine

    For me, their success (along with Trump being president) is irrefutable proof that we are indeed living in an alternate dimension. Surely this isn’t the ‘real’ world, but some far-out, whacky alternate dimension. I hope so anyway. G’luck and thanks.

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