It isn’t hard to see. Trademark lawyer Brian Conroy writes: Yesterday a trademark application was filed for EU wide protection for “John Lennon”. I immediately thought ‘unless whoever has applied for that is actually called John Lennon, I don’t fancy their chances of getting the trademarks across the line’, Particularly because Yoko Ono was previously […]

Hic. Trademark lawyer Brian Conroy writes: Well here’s one way the folk of Mayo might get their hands on Sam Maguire this year…..SHOTS! Some enterprising young man (Jeffrey Spillane, hello to you) has applied to register “Sam Maguire” as a Trade Mark for Whiskey… Sam Maguire Whiskey (Brian Conroy)

Trademark lawyer Brian Conroy writes: You might be surprised that they didn’t already have one, but actually it’s quite typical of Irish brands and businesses, and also very dangerous, particularly if you don’t have as unusual and distinctive a brand as “Copper Face Jacks” – If you’re an Irish business owner wondering whether you should […]

Dublin alt. station Phantom Replaced by TXFM last year, right? Not so fast. Copyright lawyer Brian Conroy writes: Sooooo, yesterday Irish Trade Mark Agents FR Kelly filed an application for ‘Phantom’ in the classes for radio and television broadcasting. The same firm registered ‘Phantom’ as an Irish Trade Mark back in 2004 for Wireless Media […]