Graham Quinn writes: Priory Hall residents don’t hold your breath. above is an image of the other Priory Hall – the Quay Street apartments in Dundalk. ALSO built by Tom Mcfeely and ALSO evacuated due to fire safety concerns (about 18 months before Priory Hall). The apartment block then became a Disneyland for anti-social behavior attracting local junkies, teen […]

Stephanie Meheen with Oisin, age five, and six-month-old Cerys in the lobby of the Regency Hotel in Dublin. They are among 65 Families forced to leave their homes at the Priory Hall apartment complex. Niamh Ryan and her son Clyde who celebrates his seventh birthday today, October 19, in the Regency Hotel. Meanwhile… Irish Times […]

Priory Hall, Dublin 13 in 2017 I read with interest the detailed exposé concerning the serious flaws with a large number of residential construction developments dating back to the Celtic Tiger era. It is astonishing that the burden for remedying such defects is falling on the individual apartment owners or tenants. Why was a latent […]