Graham Quinn writes: Priory Hall residents don’t hold your breath. above is an image of the other Priory Hall – the Quay Street apartments in Dundalk. ALSO built by Tom Mcfeely and ALSO evacuated due to fire safety concerns (about 18 months before Priory Hall). The apartment block then became a Disneyland for anti-social behavior attracting local junkies, teen […]

Graham writes: I’m one of the owners in Priory Hall. Like all apartment owners I only got to inspect my apartment after the construction was complete. While most of us did get surveys done engineers carry out what are called “visual inspections”. Any cosmetic issues were spotted and rectified however they do not knock in […]

The Priory Hall apartment complex in Dublin this afternoon. Work on the property deemed a fire hazard has ceased since Thomas McFeely, the developer behind the block, was ordered off the site More than 240 residents were moved out of their homes in October. There is now no agreement on who should carry out the […]

Stephanie Meheen with Oisin, age five, and six-month-old Cerys in the lobby of the Regency Hotel in Dublin. They are among 65 Families forced to leave their homes at the Priory Hall apartment complex. Niamh Ryan and her son Clyde who celebrates his seventh birthday today, October 19, in the Regency Hotel. Meanwhile… Irish Times […]

He arrived in Dublin on a summer’s evening, fresh from the hell of the H-Blocks. On the blanket protest, he’d been beaten black and blue by prison officers. He endured 53 days on hunger-strike, then watched his comrades die. His marriage broke up when he was in jail. On his first night in Dublin, he […]

From left: Housing Committee Members, Deputy Barry Cowen, Senator Victor Boyhan, Deputy Eoin Ó Broin, Deputy Maria Bailey (chairwoman) and Deputy Pat Casey. This afternoon. Leinster House. Cross party members of the Housing Committee launch a report on Building Standards, Building Controls & Consumer Protection that may help avoid another Priory Hall. In yesterday’s Irish […]

From top: Leo Varadkar’s welfare cheats campaign; Minister for Social ProtectionRegina Doherty Writer and activist Martin McMahon has waged a lengthy campaign to end the situation where one in five self-employed workers in Ireland is not really self-employed. Recently he got creative. Martin writes: I saw it happen. I was there. I contacted the Garda […]