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Ghana Penalty-2

They’ve gone Chile Ghana barmy.

Ireland’s Thomas McDonagh [above] slots home the winning penalty against Ghana at the Homeless World Cup yesterday at Plaza de la Ciudadania, Santiago, Chile.

Match report via the Homeless World Cup

The match for the 5th and 6th place of the World Homeless Cup was the last for the day at pitch number 2 Lombardia at Arena Civica.
The afternoon sun had no mercy as the two teams went out in very good spirits: Ghana singing and Ireland relaxed and focused.
Ghana was the first to have the chance to score, but missed the opportunity and there followed two quick goals by Ireland. Ireland was standing better on the pitch in these first minutes, but Ghana managed to fight back to 2:2. By the end of the first half Ireland had slightly more possession of the ball, both teams missed a lot of opportunities, yet Ireland was able to take the lead with 2 goals before halftime.
The second half was extremely dynamic as Ghana used every opportunity to reduce the goal difference and Ireland was eager to show more and only the great intervention of both goalkeepers prevented the result from being much more than 8:4.
An examplary game for fair-play, Irealand and Ghana summerized the spirit of the World Homeless Cup under the passionate cheering of the Scottish street team [cheering in the stands].”


It’s not good..

Tonight’s must win match V Poland has ended in a 6-4 defeat.


Green machine squad: Clayton Kelly, Craig Haslam, Darragh McNamara, James Traynor, Dylan Sheridan, Lee Geoghegan, Thomas O’Dwyer and Thomas McDonagh.

G’wan the lads.


Surfers and bodyboarders can coexist.

Thomas Gillespie writes:

This [above] is a picture of Daniel Skajarowski bodyboarding the Cliffs of Moher [Burren, Co Clare] a couple of days ago. Bodyboarding is a sport where you surf waves by lying down. sometimes there is a rivalry between bodyboarders and surfers but ireland is one of the few places in the world where we all get along.


Thrashin’ stuff in fairness.


The Irish hoodoo over Romania continues.

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Rule 42.

Keeping Ireland safe from garrison games.

Anne Louise Foley writes:

Tonight on episode one of The Insiders (a new series that takes the audience behind the scenes to see how transformative events in recent history came about) we hear the inside story of the removal of the GAA’s infamous Rule 42 which saw the opening up of Croke Park to Soccer and Rugby….


The Insiders at 7pm on RTÉ One.