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Alroysh you.

Tight haircut Fergus McFadden and rugby-loving tykes celebrating the arrival of Ireland’s tightest, greenest and most ‘tech-laden’ jersey to date at the country’s only official Rugby World Cup 2015 store in The Loop at Dublin Airport.

Red-eyed rugby fans passing through The Loop on Friday morning at 4am [FOUR AM] can take advantage of a 20% discount on the new official sans sponsor logo shirt.

*sets alarm clock*

The Loop Shop




No cash, favours, shirts, etc. given for this post

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.54.48

Shrug Life – Funderland

Like is a wobbly indoor rollercoaster.

Danny Carroll, of Shrug Life, writes:

Filmed in Dublin involving mime-face, office drudgery and LUAS struggles. We’re releasing our debut EP via Popical Island this Saturday 25th of July with a gig in Bello Bar, [Portobello, Dublin]….

Directed by Dave Knox.

Featuring Thom McDermott as ‘ass**** office manager’ and Fiona Lucia McGarry as ‘Girl On Bench’.

Shrug Life


Zach Johnson is the  British Open 2015 Champion Golfer of the Year. Johnson won a three-man four-hole playoff by one stroke.





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