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She’s back.

Aunty Panti on a Sunday.

Pub landlady, performer, writer, speechifier, gender discombobulist, and national treasure Panti Bliss returns to the airwaves for the month of May on Dublin music station TXFM, which can be found at 105.2 FM on the wireless whatsit.

The Sunday Service takes in ‘The Fear’-inducing hours of 9am-12noon.

SS host Dee Reddy writes:

I’m delighted to welcome Panti to Sunday Service and back on the airwaves with me. Aunty Panti’s been very busy this past year, so I’ve a lot of my own problems I’ll need her to cover.

We’d love to hear from as many people as possible, so if you have a personal issue you’d like to hear broadcast to a wider audience (and who wouldn’t?) please drop us a line at before Thursday 16th April.



Panti Bliss on

Ray Treacy, the former Irish international soccer player has died following a brief illness.

Former Ireland international Ray Treacy has died following short illness (Irish Independent)


Killarney National Park, County Kerry, this evening.

Gorse fire threatens Killarney National Park (RTÉ)

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