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[CRC Director, David Martin (left) Chairman of the CRC James Nugent (centre behind) and Former CEO Paul Kiely (right) at Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin, after appearing before the Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday}.


Rehab  next?.

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annieBy Annie West


Ireland – ARAN has today slammed the producers of ‘Love Hate’ in relation to the first episode in a new series that showed two young teenagers literally blasting a cat to death and then laughing hard. ARAN is incensed and angered, and whilst we are aware the cat was not actually killed, this scene does irreparable damage to our work of curbing violent crimes towards animals and comes at a time of record reports of violence towards animals around the country. Already the group has been fielding dozens of complaints from viewers.

“Violence towards animals is on the rise in Ireland and this violent and disgusting scene in Love Hate does huge damage to our work of creating kindness towards animals on the streets,” says ARAN Director John Carmody. “We’re encouraging people to switch channels next time the programme airs.”

ARAN is now urging the producers of the show to make a generous donation to school educational programs in Ireland that would reach out to a younger generation about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect.


But don’t worry, folks. He’s going to be just fine.




The new mobile application, or ‘app’, from bar listings site has arrived.

Sez creator John Geraghty:

When I started doing the website I always had the app in mind. It was the natural progression to allow users to be able to search out the deals as they related to their location. It can be difficult navigating a desktop site if you’re not sure what you want. The geolocation gives people more freedom to easily find the information they need without having to scan through a whole website.

The app will also help you find the perfect pub for your taste. Need a pub with a beer garden? Publin shows you all of the pubs with beer gardens and other facilities – pool tables, pubs serving food, wifi, gluten-free beer, nightclubs – closest to your location.


On iOS and Android.


First M&S.

Now this.

Piaras Kelly, who represents Superquinn and SuperValu writes;

Although the Superquinn name is changing, everything that people like about Superquinn will be maintained including products like the Superquinn sausage, food experts and the excellent customer service customers.

…SuperValu will invest €10 million to complete the refurbishment of the Superquinn store network. In addition to the €15 million invested over the past two years, the award winning SuperValu Own Brand range will be introduced, consisting of over 2,000 products priced at up to 33 per cent less than comparable brands.

…Superquinn stores will also become more actively involved in the community through initiatives such as the Tidy Towns and the GAA, both of which have a long term association with SuperValu.

This decision does not impact any of the 2,500 colleagues working in the Superquinn store network. As part of the name change, however, a number of functions in Superquinn will be integrated with SuperValu.

Regretfully this will impact 102 colleagues at Superquinn’s support office in Lucan, who will leave the business over the next 18 months. Every effort will be made to help them find positions across the wider SuperValu business, as well as providing out placement support to assist them in finding alternative employment.


(Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland)

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