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Aileen Burke writes:

Sukie didn’t care for the toy in her Christmas cracker.

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Niall Smith writes:

Frank Jensen on the left and Abby on the right. Rappy Rhistmas!

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Lisa Tumbleton writes:

Donnie the old man pugbeast. I’ve taken a photo of him on the 25th of December every year for the last four years to use as a ‘Merry Christmas’ post on FB. Also visible, the continued improvement in the quality of mobile phone cameras ;P. [The pictures above are, from top, from 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010].

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Sinead McAleer writes:

Couldn’t help but notice you are missing a cat with tinsel!

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Colin Rodgers writes:

Sulley getting into the spirit of things during his first xmas.

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Billy Leo, in Cork, writes:

Rodney would love to be on the internet as much as he loves his santa jacket!

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Hilary Fitzgibbon writes:

It’s all a bit too much for Oscar the cat.

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And this is Winnie, who appeared yesterday all wrapped up in fairy lights in her ‘Upcycled Hot Water Bottle Cover Clancy Brothers’ tribute Jumper’.

Thanks Maeve Murphy

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YOUR Happy Xmas Pets

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The opening scene of the second series of acclaimed crime drama Corp agus Anam which starts tonight on TG4 at 9.30pm.

What you’ll need to know

Darragh Doyle writes:

1. The show is in Irish and some English, with English subtitles. You don’t need to be fluent in Gaeilge to watch it.

2. You don’t need to have seen the first series to enjoy – or even understand – the second. The series focuses on TV crime correspondent Cathal Mac Iarnáin (Diarmuid de Faoite) as he investigates the cases that come his way. Series 1 can be watched online here 

3. Tonight’s episode focuses on sociopath and brutal rapist John Glynn, released on bail and bent on terrorising Sharon, the mother of his child. Watch  Sharon try to escape him here 

Twitter feed: CorpAgusAnam

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Clayton Samuel (with cap) with his mother and brothers including Ramesh (second right)

It’s a tough one.

Clayton Samuel writes:

Can any of your readers helper or advise me? I wanted my brother Ramesh to come over to Ireland to visit during Christmas holidays so we could celebrate Christmas together. My brother Ramesh works in Dubai UAE . He is a chef and he has been working in Dubai for last 4 years.

Just to give you a little bit of background, I have three elder brothers I am the youngest. I am an Irish Citizen ( Indian Origin ) I have been living in Ireland for the last nine years with my wife and my only son David.

My two elder brothers ( Ravi & Ramesh Samuel) who work in Dubai are Indian passport holders and my third Brother Prathap Samuel he lives in UK he is a UK passport holder. I asked Ramesh to apply for a visit visa just to come over to Ireland for Christmas holidays as we hardly we see each other or have a full family get-together due to the work and the distance. I also sent in supporting documents from Ireland to support his visa application.
His Visit visa was refused by the visa officer’s perception that :
(1) He may not return to Dubai
(2) He may branch into UK.
(5) His Income is not high enough that he can afford to come to Ireland.

We have appealed in writing to the Visa officer in Dubai. I have explained that my wife and I are sponsoring my Brother. I own house Sallins, I am a Bank official and my wife is working for the HSE. We are fully employed and income tax payers in Ireland. In this case Ramesh is going to live with me in my family home free of cost including his flight tickets, meals and transportation will be provided free of cost. I have also given in writing in my appeal letter that if my brother has to present himself on a regular basis to the Immigration officer in Naas Garda station we are more than happy to do this.

It’s eight days since we appealed the refusal.  Can anyone suggest what course of action I might take?


Cian O’Daly and Henry


For the attention of Health Minister Leo Vardaker.

Dear Minister Varadkar

My son, Henry Bolger O’Daly, was diagnosed pre-natally 5 years ago as having Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome. He was born with the entire left-hand side of his heart missing. He has endured a series of arduous and painful surgeries in order to make his remaining right-hand side of his heart viable until such time that he is a suitable candidate for full heart transplantation. This will happen when he is older, please God. His is an alternative circulatory system, resulting in diminished blood oxygen levels. As a result, he gets very tired and sometimes ill from pedestrian levels of activity. Obviously, his condition is a life-long, incurable and chronic congenital heart defect. In lesser words, my son will never get better.

We applied to retain Henry’s medical card and just this morning we found out that it has been REFUSED. I fail to see how he could not be granted a discretionary medical card, given the fact that his monthly medication expenses are exorbitant. We obtained a letter from his cardiologist, Dr. Orla Franklin (Crumlin), to support his medical card application. The content of this letter sets out in no uncertain terms the gravity of Henry’s condition and is explicit and detailed. This alone should set alarm bells ringing in the Health Service that this citizen, my son, Henry Bolger O’Daly absolutely should be granted a medical card.

In the short time that he has been alive, Henry has experienced a great deal of trauma which is now manifesting itself in his everyday life. He is a very anxious child and is currently attending a play therapist, the cost of which is not covered by the medical card. We cannot afford to pay the monthly DPS charge and pay for therapy.

Can you please give me a call? I am desperately seeking your guidance in the matter.

Cian O’Daly

Cian O’Daly (Facebook)