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Gorse Hill, Vico Road, Killiney, Co Dublin

In the matter of Gorse Hill

Brian O’Donnell this afternoon outlined to the court why he wanted to cross-examine a representative of Bank of Ireland and the receiver. He said facts had been put to the court that are not agreed.

Mr O’Donnell also argued that Bank of Ireland cannot legally take trespass proceedings as it does not have legal possession of the property.

Justice [Brian] McGovern said he will reserve judgment on the request to cross-examine.

Reading from his affidavit, Mr O’Donnell told the court he and his wife have a right of residence in Gorse Hill since October 2000 when it was given to them by Vico Limited that owns the property.

He said senior Bank of Ireland officials knew this.

Mr O’Donnell also alleged documents issued by Bank of Ireland were not properly sealed and witnessed, making them invalid.

He said the bank has got many assets from them already including properties in Oughterard in Galway, two buildings and a car park in Merrion Square and property in London.

The bank has refused to say how much all this was worth, he said, so Mr O’Donnell does not actually know how much he owes the bank.

He also said he and his wife paid back €700m to banks around the world. The only bank they have difficulty with is Bank of Ireland, he said, and for these and other reasons the court should refuse an injunction against Mr O’Donnell and his wife

Justice McGovern will reserve judgment “until an unspecified time and date”.

Judgment reserved in O’Donnell case (RTÉ)

Legal Coffee Drinker On Gorse Hill

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Brian O’Donnell arriving back at Gorse Hill this evening.

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Latest images of the O’Donnell Husky/Malmute.

Did he just stick his tongue out?

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How was your night?

Miq writes:

I went to see Noel Gallagher last night [at the 3Arena, Dublin]. It was great, as you can expect. Following this, there was much talk about an aftershow party in the Grand Social featuring Noel’s brother Paul and Oasis founding member Bonehead both DJing. I went down and paid €8 to get in.

It was easily one of the worst DJ sets I have ever heard and was attended by many Pretty Green-clad fanboys all staring up to get a glimpse of “a Gallagher”. I’ve been to a few of these aftershow gigs. They all get big publicity (especially on the Internet). Not one ever lived up to expectation.Last night was the final straw.

Interpol aftershow recently featured [Interpol drummer] Sam Fogarino spinning some of the worst music I have ever heard. I didn’t know pretentious metal was a genre. The Paul Weller aftershow had about 5 people watch guitarist Steve Cradock play average songs without actually mixing them together off his laptop. I could go on.

Does anyone else ever go to these “(un)official aftershow DJ sets” only to find they’ve wasted their money on some rubbish?


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From top: Candidates running in this week’s University College Dublin’s Student Union executive elections and votes being sorted and counted in UCD this afternoon 

Votes are being counted in UCD after students voted in their Student Union executive elections yesterday and Tuesday.

The latest results from the counts this afternoon show Marcus O’Halloran is leading in the UCDSU President race – with 493 votes (36%) ahead of Michael Foley who has 365 votes (27%).

Earlier this week, Mr O’Halloran released an apology to students after it emerged he was a member of a Facebook group, called ‘Girls I’d shift if i was tipsy’.

University Observer reported on Monday:

“The group, which as of this morning was open and public, consists of male UCD students and appears to have existed since 2012, with most of the activity taking place this February. All of the group’s members are men, and an early post in the group reads “right lads all girls have been removed from this group so its now a lads only group hence ya can talk more freely about girls id like to shift if i was tipsy”.”

“The latest post in the group is a photo of two students captioned with “Bitta cross breeding going on here” and two emojis depicting a white person and a person of colour wearing a turban, while another recent post shows two students, one male and one female, asleep in a bed together. Most photos in the group depict couples in nightclubs.”

“Complaints made about the group also addressed UCDSU presidential candidate Marcus O’Halloran’s membership of the group. O’Halloran has been a member of the group for over a year and has “liked” the majority of the page’s posts, including the two mentioned above. 22 of the group’s 47 members have cover photos or profile photos endorsing Marcus O’Halloran’s campaign for president.”

In his apology, Mr O’Halloran said:

“This group is not representative of my opinions on women’s rights or gender equality. There is a “Lad” culture prevalent across UCD and as president, I would like to run a sexual harassment awareness campaign to combat cat-calling and the objectification of women.”

Concerns raised over “derogatory” UCD students’ Facebook group (University Observer)

Pics: UCD Students’ Union

H/T: Catherine Healy