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Alan Kelly at the last General Election in 2016

Combustible Tippperary TD Alan Kelly sat down with Jason O’Toole of Hot Press magazine, on shelves from today.

How did that go?

On political mergers:

“I would like to see the Social Democrats, in particular, and the Labour Party coming together.There should be a natural coming together. They have many fine members. It’s hard to distinguish between Social Democrats and Labour. And there’s others: there’s Independents and people across other parties.

And really for the future of social democrats — which we all are — and the future of democratic socialists, really, there needs to be that coming together to forge a block not just in Leinster House but across the country.”

The 8th Amendment:

“I don’t tolerate the two phrases: pro-choice or the other extreme of pro-life. I’m in favour of getting rid of the Eighth Amendment and I’m in favour of legislating for the rights of women. A lot of these choices should be based on the relationship between a woman and her doctor, in consultation with her family.”

Marijuana for recreational purposes:

“Yeah, I think that’s something we could look at. But under certain conditions: because if you legalise it for medicinal purposes you’re opening a can of worms anyway. So, you might as well look at it in a broader sense. You’d have to look at volumes: what would be allowable and all that.”

More power:

“I’d love to be Taoiseach. If you’re going to answer that question: you should also put down what I really mean is that I’d love to maximise where the Labour Party gets to. That’s more important to me. I don’t want another headline: ‘Power is a Drug… It’s Suits Me!’ ‘Alan Kelly Wants To Be Taoiseach!’ For God’s sake!”

Water crisis

“This country is going to suffer as a result of the populist stance of people when it comes to water. Three quarters of people in Ireland were paying for water. And for one spin on the merry-go-round, Fine Gael abandoned all principle and got into bed with the most irresponsible politician in Ireland in Barry Cowen.”


EXCLUSIVE: Labour’s Alan Kelly Opens Up About His Time In Government, Water Charges, Jobstown, and Labour’s Future (Hot Press)

Alan Kelly urges Labour to merge with Social Democrats (Irish Examiner)

This afternoon.

Egypt Embassy, Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

A Protest to mark Fourth Anniversary of Ibrahim Halawa’s Arrest.

Amnesty International, USI and Unite Against Racism members gathered outside the Egyption Embassy calling for the release of Ibrahim, 21, from Firhouse, Dubin 24.

He was 17 when he was arrested during protests in support of Mohammed Mursi, who had been ousted from power in a military coup.

In a statement, his family said:

“Today we say that four years is too much – four years in an Egyptian prison, four years of a mass trial, four years of hope of freedom that never came true, four years of waiting.

One day is too much, four years is torture. We miss our brother desperately.

Previously: Ibrahim Halawa on Broadsheet

Sam Boal/

From top: Shane Colemen and Sarah Mcinerney and Ivan Yates

Her’s back (again).

Ivan Yates will replace Sarah McInerney and Chris Donoghue on Newstalk’s drivetime show.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Patricia Monahan, Managing Editor of Newstalk said:

“Ivan Yates is one of Ireland’s foremost commentators and has a long history with the station. His brand of straight talking, opinion led commentary will provide an engaging forum for listeners.

This is an exciting time for the business as we continue to develop a brand of opinion led content.

Ms Monahan added: “We are currently in discussions with both Chris Donoghue and Sarah McInerney about alternative roles within the Communicorp Group.”

Ivan Yates set to take over Newstalk’s weekday drive time show in September (Newstalk)

From top: Pat Hickey in Rio last Summer; Shane Ross this morning.


“Judge Moran has exposed the stress and frustration caused to athletes, their families and their friends by the OCI’s appointment of a ticketing agent that was nothing other than a charade and totally unfit for purpose

…He [Justice Moran] was not in pursuit of criminality, merely a narrative of events, however unpalatable….

Nothing in this report suggests that individuals in the OCI were benefiting personally from these arrangements.

But clearly commercial interests can never again be afforded priority over the interests of athletes, their friends and families, and ordinary spectators.I regret that the OCI under the leadership of Pat Hickey defined this doctrine.”

Shane Ross at the Transport, Tourism and Sport joint committee meeting this morning.

The ‘rotten culture’ of the OCI under Pat Hickey has been revealed – Shane Ross (Kevin Doyle, Irish Independent)

Tuesday: Let The Games Begin

Bread & Roses Festival 2017 in September

Free tonight?

ROSA – Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity – launches the Bread & Roses Festival with a table quiz TONIGHT at 7pm in Sin É. 15 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin at 7pm.

Keishia Taylor writes:

Funds raised will support the Bread & Roses Festival, a key event in preparation for the upcoming referendum on Repealing the 8th Amendment.

Bread & Roses Festival, on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September, is a feminist-socialist gathering with discussions on how to win abortion rights and the separation of church and state, and workshops on topics such as gender-based violence, LGBTQ oppression and sex education in schools.

In fairness.

Table quiz will take place on 7pm (Admission €5/€10 per person, teams of 4).

ROSA (Facebook)

Available online for the first time.

Beauty & Chaos.

A short film by James Skerritt following Irish surfer Conor Maguire in India and Indonasia.

James writes:

It all started with a Facebook message from Conor Maguire simply saying ‘lets go to India’. We had discussed trying to make a film like this for years – an honest, or somewhat, portrait of what we were feeling as we roamed from place to place. We wanted the music to do the same.

I showed a friend of mine an early cut of the film and told him the title. I was greeted with a frown along with the notion that it was the worst title he had ever heard.

None the less, ‘Beauty & Chaos’, had its first screening at Shore Shots Surf Film Festival in April 16.and spent the following year screening in film festivals around the world with its last set of screenings throughout May this year.

I was even more pleasantly surprised after a festival in New Jersey, where a filmmaker whom I admire commented on how much she likes the title.

Like most films, I am always motivated by how much fun it will be to watch in about forty years time – a remembrance of the random happenings that come about in the unknown and unsure. So whether you like the title or not – it was a damn interesting process to go through.’


James Skerritt