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At the UN.

Jon Williams tweetz:

“UN Human Rights Council votes for Commission of Inquiry on alleged war crimes in Gaza. One country voted against: US…17 countries abstained on UN vote to establish Commission of Inquiry – including Ireland, UK, Germany France & Czech Republc…”


Glenn Keogh and Jack Reynor

And how.

An incredibly down to earth chat with a very down to earth Dub in Hollywood.

Vic Barry of The Movie Bit writes:

“Irish actor Glenn Keogh, last seen in Michael Bay’s Transformers Age Of Extinction (2014) had a lengthy and inspiring chat with myself and had some great stories about Michael Bay, his introduction to Steven Spielberg (by Jack Reynor of all people), life in Hollywood, and leaving behind his accountancy job in Ireland to become an actor in Hollywood. The link is here and, while I’m biased, it’s a fascinating interview….”

Difficult to begrudge, in fairness.

But don’t let that stop you.

The Movie Bit