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Scenes from the removal this morning of the 24/7 protest in Kilkenny attempting to halt the building of of bridge into the city

“We didn’t need 30 gardai, 15 workers and two members of the Council executive to remove two people and a gazebo.” [Kilkenny resident Kay Brennan (pink jacket)]

Darragh Byrne writes:

“At dawn today two members of the Save Kilkenny campaign were asked to leave the site of the Central Access Scheme (CAS) bridge in the city.
Some 15 workmen and up to 30 gardai swooped onto the picket site and asked the campaigners to vacate immediately. Locals Kay Brennan and Donal Coyne [pictured] asked to remain on site until other members of the campaign arrived to help pack tents, boats and other belongings.
…[but] Under the supervision of members of the unelected Executive of Kilkenny County Council workmen pulled up tents, tore down gazebos and threw personal items into trailers. They then erected railings across the site entrance and public footpath.
At this stage many more campaigners arrived but all vacated the area peacefully so no garda force was used. The campaigners said that picketing is set to continue and legal options are being pursued.
The campaigners, who are mostly supporters of the three main parties, said they would now be spreading their campaign throughout the city and at the ballot box next year in the upcoming by-election for Phil Hogan’s seat.”

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Pics by Vicky Comerford

Thanks Padraig O’Ceallaigh


Last year’s National Newspapers of Ireland award winners

The Phoenix magazine is reporting that the National Newspapers of Ireland Awards will not be taking place this year because Independent News and Media has pulled out due to “costs”.

INM has five national titles out of 16 NNI members and owns most of the 25 provincial member titles.

The magazine reports:

“The run-up to the awards judgements [last year] involved several fraught sessions of the judges panel …”[Judges panel chairman Michael] Brophy suggested that voting for journalist of the year – the three contenders were [Kitty] Holland, [Paul] Williams (the Anglo Tapes story) and David Walsh (the Lance Armstrong exposé) – be by secret ballot to avoid leaks as in previous years and that the winner be known only to the panel’s secretary until the night of the awards. Despite being agreed by the judges in advance, the night of the vote witnesses…[INM executive on the panel Ian] Mallon then called for a vote on the vote issue which produced a tiny minority for his proposal and so the vote proceeded in secret with the result being that the Williams scoop not only failed to clinch it but was beaten into third place.”


UPDATE: Not so, according to informed sources  (taps nose), the show may go on. More to follow.



Lead him/her on The Purina Great irish Dog Walk in aid of Dublin SPCA in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Tell him/her about the Insane sniffing action Chompsky experienced along the route last year..

The DSPCA writes:

Dog lovers everywhere are being asked to join the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) for The Great Irish Dog Walk 2014 in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on Saturday, September 27, from 9am to 4pm. The event will consist of a fun 3km walk and a doggie-themed family festival featuring All dogs and kiddies are invited to take part for FREE, while adults will be charged a €10 registration fee.

The DSPCA will also host an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Dog Obedience Training Lesson, beginning at 1.00pm. Alex Petrilli, the RTÉ Dog Whisperer and founder of King of Paws training academy, will lead this attempt. The current world record is 390 dogs, which was set in Madrid two years ago.


Great Irish Dog Walk (DSPCA)


An asylum seeker protesting in Limerick last week, following the recent removal and transfer of several asylum seekers from the Mount Trenchard Direct Provision centre 

How many?

The Irish Refugee Council has conducted a study, called Counting The Cost, focusing on the experience that people previously in the Direct Provision system had when they attempted to  find work after they were granted permission to remain in Ireland.

The IRC based the report on interviews with 20 people – 11 men and nine women – who had been in the Direct Provision system for at least three years.

Seventeen of those interviewed had been in the Direct Provision system for five years or more, while three had been in the system for at least three years.

Readers should note that as asylum seekers in the Direct Provision system are not allowed work, those interviewed were trying to find work after many years of being excluded from the labour market.

The report found that, at the time of the interviews, only one person was in employment – working with autistic children. One other had been in two short-term jobs – three weeks as a pizza chef and four months in a meat factory.

This is despite the fact that many had experience before they came to Ireland:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.07.02

Those interviewed were also asked about what they believed were the reasons for their inability to find/get a job. The answers varied with the responses ranging from ‘gaps on their CV’ to ‘discrimination’:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.07.44

Meanwhile, although the study focused on the matter of employment, it also sheds light on the mental health issues related to the Direct Provision system.

For example, of those interviewed, two, at least, had tried to take their life while in the Direct Provision system, while others had self-harmed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.27.16

In its conclusion, the IRC found:

“In light of the evidence presented in this study, it is clear that the asylum system is creating barriers and causing long-term harm, working against the benefits of both seeking international protection and the society into which they have been granted permission to live.”

Read the report in full here

Pic: Paula Geraghty

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.47.16

People at a Bank of Ireland ATM in Raheny, Dublin reports:

Bank of Ireland has said it is aware of reports that many customers are yet to have their salaries transferred into their accounts this morning.
It follows reports from a number of public sector workers have not been paid into their accounts this morning.

Bank of Ireland investigating reports of unpaid public sector wages (Breaking News)

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland