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Ottawa, Canada today.

The capital is on lockdown as police investigate three shootings: One at the war memorial (above), one on Parliament Hill, and one near the Rideau Centre shopping mall. All three locations are within a few hundred yards away from each other.

Police Searching For Multiple Gunmen Near Canadian Parliament After One Suspect And One Soldier Killed (Business Insider)

Timeline of Parliament Hill Shooting (NiagaraFallsReview) 

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He tried.

Rare on sale images of Brendan Behan getting arrested and saying his prayers in a Toronto jail  in March 1961.

Via The Torontoist:

Behan barrelled into Toronto on Sunday, March 19, 1961, in an unhappy mood. Days earlier, in New York City, he’d been publicly humiliated when he was barred from participating in the city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade over organisers’ fears he’d be an embarrassing nuisance….

…Although Behan and his wife Beatrice were welcomed by the mayor—who awarded Behan a pair of gold cufflinks and playfully warned him to behave himself—it didn’t take long for the city’s pro-British contingent to make them feel unwelcome.. “We knew, of course,” Beatrice recorded in her memoirs, My Life with Brendan (Nash Publishing, 1973), “that there was a strong Orange feeling in the city and that an Irish Republican like Brendan, despite a reputation as a dramatist, wasn’t welcome….”

Historicist: One Drink Too Many, and a Thousand Not Enough (Torontoist)

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Coming soon.

Made Ordinary, a fantasy superhero drama set in an Ireland from ‘a parallel dimension’….

Starring Michelle Costello and Tristan Heanue and featuring Morgan C Jones as the world’s greatest super villain, Dr. Devastation who has been released after “30 years of imprisonment. With no powers, no money and no allies he must adapt to a world that has long forgotten who he is”.

Director Christian Kotey, of makers Rising Films sez:

”This is a real first. A science fiction story told from the viewpoint of the defeated villain. There’s huge interest in the site and the online comic. We are interested in co-producers and broadcasters who wish to come on board and help us bring Made Ordinary and it’s universe to as wide an audience as possible…”


Made Ordinary


Archbishop of Armagh, Catholic Primate of All Ireland Eamon Martin

You can keep us out of this.

“Over the past year or so, in my role as chair of the Council for Communications of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, I have heard a variety of views on the relationship between the Church and the media in Ireland. These views were garnered from professionals working inside and outside of Church structures, and they ranged from the negative to the optimistic.

In my view it is now time for us to build afresh mutual respect and trust between the Church and the media in Ireland, not in any fawning or deferential manner, but in recognition of the fact that we share similar goals – to seek out the truth, to highlight injustice. In many ways we have a common mission – vocation even – to interact with society and the world in order to promote truth, ask hard questions, multiply goodness, enhance beauty and to serve the common good.

I recognise that coverage of the child abuse scandals in the Church has fundamentally shifted our relationship with the media. We are a long way from the 31 December 1961 when my predecessor Cardinal D’Alton broadcast a live message of blessing and goodwill from Armagh to the newly established RTÉ television station. It is true that we in the Church have sometimes reacted defensively or in denial to legitimate criticism in the media – it is also true that some commentators, particularly on social media, seem at times to have lost the ability to objectively question a story, running instead with their consensus caricature of the Church.

Most now accept that “the media” has played a vitally important role in Ireland and around the world, in lifting the lid on a terrible and shameful chapter of our history; giving a voice to those who for years had been carrying a lonely trauma. Media attention of these issues has accelerated the development and implementation of best practice in safeguarding, both in the Church and throughout society.

There is, of course, a legitimate interest in reporting bad as well as good news about the Church. What Radharc  [long-running RTÉ Catholic documentary strand] did so well, however, was to present the beautiful, edifying and spiritually-inspiring lives of people of faith in ways which reflected the beauty and goodness of God. I believe that today, when so many people are tempted to despair, we need to rediscover the Radharc vision and lift people up, giving them, as Saint Peter put it, “a reason for the hope that lies within us.” With so much conflict, hatred and division in the world, it would do all our hearts good to witness the commitment of people of faith to peace and justice, to love and understanding.”

Archbishop Eamon Martin

Archbishop Eamon Martin at the 2014 Radharc Trust awards ceremony (


John Tierney outside Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin this afternoon

“It was a very good meeting with the minister [Alan Kelly]. We covered all of the issues. The heartening thing was that he recognised the scale of what we have been asked to do…
…He wants a renewed emphasis on all issues to do with the customer. Obviously in relation to the political representations from TDs and councillors because they are representing people. So we had a very good discussion. He recognised we have taken on a very difficult job and we are going to continue to do what is required of us, of a utility.”

Irish Water’s  John Tierney following a ‘crunch’ meeting with environment minister Alan Kelly.

Irish Water boss John Tierney: ‘I haven’t been asked to resign my position’ (Daniel McConnell,

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


“It’s an unjust law. I obey every law (and) I understand the reasons for it. I pay my water charge, the nett charge, but, until such time as (Irish Water) give me a coherent reason why I should hand over my PPS number, I’m not giving them the PPS number, and I am entitled to deduct the allowance – no doubt they’ll come after me for that, and let them.
“And let the legalities or illegalities of my action be thrashed out there if it should come for a confrontation in court.”

Fianna Fáil’s Willie O’Dea TD on Limerick’s Live 95Fm today

Sido asks:

“Anyone know what the deal is with this story?  I’m on a group water scheme, so don’t get any of this hassle, but this sounds fairly sinister…”


O’Dea prepared to fight Irish Water over PPS number; FG see it as ‘politicking’ (