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 Tony O’Reilly, CEO of Providence Resources in 2009

Where’s our black gold?

With Providence drilling only one appraisal well so far, potential farm-out partners may want more evidence.
“There is a discovery there, the question is what is commercially recoverable,” said David Round, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets in London. “They may still find a partner, though the terms might not be as lucrative as they originally envisaged.”
Providence’s difficulties in finding a partner may have been amplified by past exploration failures in offshore Ireland. Some 158 wells have been drilled over past 45 years in Irish waters. Only four commercial gas fields have been found.

Where’s That Irish Oil, Investors Wonder Two Years Later (Dara Doyle, Bloomberg)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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This afternoon.

Members of An ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) outside the Department of Agriculture, Kildare Street, Dublin

The Department is planning to kill 12,000 badgers in what protestors call a “misguide effort” to stop the spread of TB .

ARAN writes:

“Over the weekend, the Department of Agriculture in Dublin announced plans to slaughter 12,000 badgers in Ireland over the next two years, as part of a “cull” to stop the spread of TB.
But science is on our side when it comes to arguing that a badger “cull” will not stop the spread of TB. In fact, it is the poor, beleaguered badger that will be the real victim here. These iconic Irish animals will be trapped by vicious snares and may be caught in these horrific wire instruments of cruelty for hours or even days, until the ‘contractors’ arrive to shoot the animals dead. Problem solved? Absolutely not.”

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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‘Anti-homeless’ spikes from Wexford company, Kent Stainless

Very important objects (The New Yorker)

Kent Stainless

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Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter

In the High Court…

It is also alleged the terms of reference for the report did not entitle Mr [Sean GuerinGuerin to reach the conclusions he had. There was failure to consider all the relevant documents, including documents from Mr Shatter and the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission. It is alleged Mr Guerin regarded himself as bound by a fixed eight-week time limit and he should have, but failed, to take the additional time necessary for the report. It is alleged “indecent haste” in concluding the report led to errors, including alleged failure to fully engage with the process.

Shatter brings High Court challenge to findings of Guerin report (Irish Times)

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