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Roscommon and Leitrim Together For Yes writes:

Our constituency here in Roscommon, South Leitrim was the only one to vote no in the marriage referendum. We want to do our best to be on the right side of history this time.

We’ve had an amazing hardworking but very small group of volunteers work their asses off for a Yes vote in this very rural, spread-out area.

Tomorrow – Thursday May 24 – we’re looking for a little support from yiz city folk.

We’re running a bus from Dublin to Roscommon (stopping off in Leitrim) tomorrow Thursday, May 24. Those on board will be helping with one last push to encourage people in Leitrim and Roscommon to come out and vote Yes on Friday.

This bus has been kindly sponsored by singer Jess Kav and actor and Roscommon native Chris O’Dowd. Also a wonderful Canadian who saw our bus appeal on Facebook, is buying the bus crew’s lunch!

Obstetrician and long-time repealer Louise Kenny is aboard our bus. Lynn Boylan MEP is also travelling on our bus.

There are still places left. Come on board and help us get as many Yesses as we can in Roscommon & Leitrim.

To book a seat on the bus call or text 087- 7409102.

Pic: Roscommon Together for Yes

Thanks Eamonn

People return to Ireland ahead of Friday’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

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Representatives of BreastCheck and Professor Arnold Hill at the Oireachtas Health Committee this morning


Representatives of BreastCheck are answering questions at a meeting of the Oireachtas Health Committee.

It follows a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee around two weeks ago in which it emerged four cases are being taken against the  State over alleged misdiagnosis of breast cancer through the screening service BreastCheck.

At the health committee meeting today, Labour TD Alan Kelly asked Clinical Director of BreastCheck Ann O’Doherty how many letters of apology have been issued to women by the HSE, on behalf of BreastCheck, since the screening service began and over the past year.

They had this exchange…

Ann O’Doherty: “I honestly cannot say that I have any comprehensive knowledge of what litigation cases are in front of…

Alan Kelly: “Well, the State Claims [Agency] have said four…”

O’Doherty: “I honestly, that’s something I wouldn’t know. And personally I’m only aware of BreastCheck having written one letter, from the HSE, on behalf of BreastCheck, having written one letter of apology. Now I don’t know – there could be more. But I would have thought it would have come to our executive group management meeting if there were because that would have certainly did, went at a very high level.”

“But I can’t promise, I can’t say when it was but I imagine it possibly was in the last year? But that’s the only one I know of. But I wouldn’t necessarily have a comprehensive…

Kelly: “Is that normal, a letter like that would issue?”

O’Doherty: “Well I think that there was, this is all hearsay, but I know that it did come about at our executive management team meeting that there was a case settled and one of the things that the plaintiff wanted was a letter of apology. And there was a lot of discussion over who should sign it. It was issued and that’s the only one I personally know of.”


O’Doherty: “I have been working for 30 years in breast cancer screening and I would probably say I haven’t had more than one medical legal case a year – where solicitors are involved. In my unit, in the last two weeks, we’ve had 15 and what my great concern is, in this country, that the litigation is going to cost so much that [inaudible] is going to have to come to us and say we’re going to have to stop screening because it’s just costing so much…

“I mean 15 in two weeks, and not having even had one a year. And it’s the same solicitors. There has been a huge focus on solicitors and litigation in the media. And we’re now seeing that. And that’s in my unit and we have four units.

“So yes, there is a huge concern: are we going to be able to continue screening?”


Arnold Hill: “The issue in the health service where you have a test that if you line up 100 women with breast cancer and did a mammogram on all of them – ten of them, it won’t show.

“Now, in this country, those ten people, if they get a good solicitor, can get about a very large sum of money, ranging up to a million and I would suspect will go higher in the years ahead.

“That’s unsustainable. So if you could do anything, I think a woman, first of all, when they come and have a mammogram, like in BreastCheck where they sign and understand that there will, it’s not a perfect test, but in this country, if you’re one of those ten, it’s almost like you’re entitled to €1million in medical legal costs. That’s unsustainable.

“So what I would suggest to you is there needs to be urgent medical legal reform. Urgent. And we’ve known this for a long, long time and it is, the problem is that you have vested interests that will block it.”

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Met Eireann tweetz:

Dry and mostly sunny. Top temperatures 19 to 22 C, generally, with light easterly or variable breezes. But fresher along parts of the east and south coasts, with values of 15 to 17 C., due to local onshore sea breezes.


Met Eireann



Editor-in-chief of Independent News and Media Stephen Rae

Small violin to hand?

When asked to confirm Mr Rae’s departure, INM declined to comment.

It is the latest development in a period of tumult at the media company, which has recently undergone a major change to its board membership and is fighting efforts by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) to have inspectors appointed to the business.

INM has lost both a chief executive and a chairman in the past year.

G’wan the Gemma, Maurice, etc., etc.

Independent group editor-in-chief Stephen Rae to step down (Irish Times)

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An exhibition of new photographs by Dublin-based fine artist Brian Teeling raising awareness and funds for Gay Switchboard Ireland.

Adam Shanley writes:

Uncover will feature over fifty portraits of subjects drawn from a diverse cross-section of Irish LGBT+ life and includes politicians, musicians, artists, activists and unsung heroes.

Figures include: Senator Fintan Warfield; theatre director, Garry Hynes; drag artist Veda Beaux Reeves; and broadcaster and designer, Brendan Courtney.

An integral part of being proud of who we are as LGBT+ people is not hiding our true selves despite adversity.

Brian Teeling’s portraits are an important reminder that some of us show our vulnerabilities visibly and with pride, while some more of us need the support and compassion of our community to uncover theirs.”

Name those people (pics 1-6), anyone?

Uncover at The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 launching on  June 25.

Gay Switchboard Ireland


Con Kennedy writes:

Even the Shih-Tzu in the street know we should Repeal the 8th…


Laura Kealy writes:

Matilda is a Tá…

Pets For Yes/No to marked ‘Pets For Yes/No’

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Minister for Heath Simon Harris (above left) and Sinn Fein TD Peadar Tóibín on Prime Time last night hosted by Miriam O’Callaghan (top centre)

“The television debate on the referendum continued with the panel of Minister for Health Simon Harris and Peadar Tóibín TD, in addition to substantial contributions from the audience, which gave an equitable and fair opportunity to both sides to express their views.”

RTÉ statement last nighê


Ms [Cora] Sherlock said this morning that “at no stage” did she pull out of the Prime Time debate.

In a video statement on Facebook page, she called on those in favour of retaining the amendment to “unite again” as a movement.

It is unclear in the statement, what discord or rift Ms Sherlock is referring to.

RTÉ defends ‘fair and equitable’ Prime Time debate (RTÉ)

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