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A ‘synaesthetic experience’ of sounds and visuals generated from body movement by motion graphics creator Schnellebuntebilder and Kling Klang Klong audio.

Something of a treat for the eyes and ears, this one.

Full screen and volume up for optimal effect.

Here’s how they did it.


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As part of his 2011 master’s thesis, US design student Travis Purrington reimagined the American dollar, to wit:

…inspired by the Swiss Franc’s (CHF) ambitious redesign process (the currency is thoroughly redesigned every 20 years by way of contest) The goal was to develop a similar updated iconographic system better representing the advancements and culture within the American society. This particular series plays on themes of human discovery and endeavors to connect achievement, theory and the fundamental properties of life.

Different sized bills? No dead presidents? Nice try, buddy.

More detail here.


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A rather beautiful multilayered sequence by New York VFX studio Artjail and video artist Marco Brambilla, currently installed at the flagship Vera Wang store in Beverly Hills (do pop in if you’re passing) where it plays as an offset reel on eight wall-mounted panels.

Of the elaborate production process, Artjail sez:

The film was originally shot on Red Camera then effected in Autodesk Flame. We created transitions stitching multiple takes into one seamless clip and digitally hand painted degradation techniques to the footage. Out of the Flame the footage was scanned to 35mm motion picture film, where it was further degraded in multiple passes using bleach and other photo chemical processes. Those results were then loaded back into the flame where we used elements of the multiple degraded film prints to create more specific degradation. The silhouettes and other visual cues were also something handled in Flame.


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A ‘boogie woogie’ performance of one of Beethoven’s best known compositions by the 167-member Matryomin Ensemble ‘Da’ at the Jiyugakuen Myonichikan auditorium in Tokyo back in 2011.

A Matryomin is a single antenna theremin mounted inside a Matryoska doll.

But you knew that

Here, fancy a bit of theramin action yourself?