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The time-consuming, meditative, deeply relaxing-to-observe process of traditional Chinese paper making, demonstrated by Chinese blogger Li Ziqi: everything from cutting trees, stripping, drying and rehydrating bark, boiling, mashing it into a paste, and setting it into a form to create the final sheet.


Behold: the Airforce by superbly named UK custom bike maker Death Machines Of London – a one-off, heavily modified early 80s Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk II.

A tribute to Moto Guzzi co-founder Giovanni Ravelli, everything bar the forks and frame of the donor bike has been custom made from hand-beaten aluminium with one-off shifter and brake lever designs, with closely adherence to a ‘What would Giovanni do?’ sensibility.


A trip to the supermarket to buy bread, courtesy of German amateur engineers The Real Life Guys.

Here’s how they made the thing.


A sesquicentennial-celebrating LEGO automaton of two French Canadian fur traders paddling a canoe by JK Brickworks.

More details here.

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A brief encounter at Third Street, Ontario, Canada (thanks readtwice).

 The Weather Network sez:

Not sure if the owl was super hungry and aggressive, or just curious.


Featuring this month at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival – director Marshall Curry’s narration-free edit of the 1939 Amerikadeutscher Volksbund Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in New York, attended by 20,000 people:

…an event largely forgotten from American history… A NIGHT AT THE GARDEN uses striking archival fragments recorded that night to transport modern audiences into this gathering and shine a light on the disturbing fallibility of seemingly decent people.

The director explains more in this Q&A with Field Of Vision.


The annual migration of Siberian seagulls toward their winter home on the sacred Indian rivers of Ganga and Yamuna, photographed in the early morning light at Delhi by Navin Vatsa.


Ciaran Tierney tweetz:

A march to oppose #DirectProvision takes place in #Galway on Saturday. Starting in #Salthill at 1pm