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A recent aerial shot (bottom) of the 12.9km long Confederation Bridge (top) linking Prince Edward Island to mainland New Brunswick in Canada showing surface ice in the frozen strait neatly sliced into rectangles by its evenly spaced piers. To wit:

To put the rectangles into perspective, the bridge piers that are designed to break up the ice floes are 250 meters apart. That distance would also represent the width of each of the rectangles. The length of the blocks varies but, on average, the length is about 75 per cent greater than the width.

(Photo: Paul Tymstra)


Behold: the Ferrari 488 Pista – a turbocharged,V8, 710bhp track car (or ‘weekend racer’ for those with €240,000 to invest in such a thing).

100km/h in less than 3s, 340km/h top speed and a Side Slip Angle Control system to keep it stuck to the road.

Profligate, but ever so pretty.


A hiking trail at the Recanto Ecológico Rio de la Plata in Brazil, recently flooded with crystal clear water when a nearby river burst its banks.


Nature encroaches upon the abandoned houses of those who emigrated from Iran long ago for political or social reasons – a series of meticulously staged set pieces by photographer Gohar Dashti.