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Behold: the 1973 Ford Escort RS 1600 Coupe – the legendary 4 cylinder 250bhp Cosworth rally champion – restored and (vintage) race-ready with upgraded suspension, shocks and disc brakes.

Yours for just under €100,000.


Pies (the word scarcely does them justice) by Seattle-based baker Lauren Ko.

From top: Blueberry mint curd tart with kiwi diamonds; hexagon tile pie with edible flowers; miso caramel apple snowflake pie; Vegan black sesame tart with coloured tangrams; peach curd tart with strawberries; cherry berry ombré tart; cranberry and lime curd tart with mango tiles and peach mango ‘C’ pie.

More here.


Stephanie Pokomy wins Halloween with a crocheted luminescent Slimer costume created for her son.

In fairness.


Taiwan’s recently opened National Kaohsiung Centre For The Arts, Weiwuying – a vast performing arts venue (the world’s largest by far) covering 35 acres of a 116 acre park in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.

The undulating structure, built by Dutch engineering firm Mecanoo and inspired by the undulating canopy of local banyan trees, incorporates a 2,236-seat opera house, a 1,981-seat concert hall, a 1,210-seat playhouse, a 434-seat recital hall, and an outdoor theatre built into the sloping roof.


Deepfake (deep learning + fake) describes the superimposition of one source image or video into another using AI and CGI.

Here, a youthful Harrison Ford takes the place of Alden Ehrenreich (mostly convincingly) in the most recent Star Wars spinoff.


Ailleurs (Somewhere) – a short by Mélody Boulissière in which a young man sets off to escape the digital overload of modern life.

A pleasing journey via paint-on-glass and montage, from frenzy to serenity.


Behold: the Zibo Tea Brewing Machine – a dual armed robot created by US/Chinese company AUBO Robotics capable of preparing, steeping, pouring and serving four perfect cups of Chinese tea.

Before slicing you into cubes with its built in laser.