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Bizarre geometric weathering patterns resembling crop circles on the chain link fence of bemused Twitter user @Ben_On_The_Moon, who has been photographing the phenomenon for years, as yet unable to discover the cause.

Which is witchcraft, obviously.

Or, according to astute commenter, Barry the Hatchet…


Another visit to the natural world with zefrank, to wit:

…the giant anteater resembles a walking index finger with a mullet…and leg warmers.

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A short by director Sam Lane set on an isolated cactus farm in the west where plucky heroine Cowgirl Rose sets out to halt the ravages of the elusive Ax Man.


Behold: the Porsche 911 Speedster concept – a 5.0l, 500bhp, flat-six version of the 911GT3 wrapped in Carrera 4 bodywork with vintage features (like a central fuel cap, two-tone paint and retro mirrors) hearing back to the original 356 convertible.

MORE: Porsche 911 Speedster Concept celebrates 70th anniversary (SlashGear)


Several Greek myths pared down to their geometric essence by Chris Guyot, John Poon and Stephen Kelleher who sez:

ˇThe challenge was to communicate these complex stories in the most minimal way possible while retaining their essence. By having each vignette loop seamlessly, the timeless and perennial nature of these stories are reinforced. 

More information on the myths featured here.


Poetry Brothel Dublin tweetz:

Thrilled to have Niamh Beirne joining our @bloomsdayfest Midnight Mass, this Friday at @thechurch_ie! Niamh is a Dublin-based poet, performer and creative producer; the creative director and co-founder of @_PETTYCASH_ and 1/6 of Spooky Beure.

Tickets here.

Sugar-coated robo-goodness by artist Eric Joyner.

From an exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in LA  this month (if you’re passing).


The Liffey boardwalk, Dublin, earlier today.

Ultan Monahan writes:

Proclamation stuck to a bin on same the boardwalk that many Irish now call home. Was it for this?