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Were the dinos wiped out in the aftermath of a cataclysmic asteroid impact?

The Deccan Volcanism hypothesis demurs.


In 2015, visual FX artist Rouselos Aravantinos conducted an age reduction demonstration with actress Michele Valley (first video).

This year, he repeated the experiment with the latest ‘live’ retouching technology.

Believe nothing you see on a screen.


Ultan Mashup writes:

Bags of dog poop clogging up bin at Carysfort Blackrock dog park. Class Act…


This morning.

Thanks Ultan

3.45pm UPDATE:


Ultan writes:

I called Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC.) Tip: quote the bin number too if you can see it as well as location. Kudos DLRCC…

See y’all Plogging next week…


Save poo bag Poolbeg.

Thanks Ultan

A voice controlled game by Nicole He in which you speak commands into your computer to zoom, enhance and pan around a crime scene.

Yes, just like in the movies.

Lose yourself here.


A surreal short by Amy J. Xu in which a boy without a body makes his way through a world melting from stress.

Won’t everybody just chill.