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Behold: Treow Brycg House at Kingsburg Beach on the south coast of Nova Scotia – a brooding structure redolent of some futuristic military installation but actually modelled on the vernacular gambrel-roofed barns of the area.

Designed both to resist and embrace the unpredictable coastal climate and control solar gain, the steel-walled house – on two levels with a separate interstitial zone for circulation – is slatted with brise soleils and clad in darkened aluminium.


Over the last 25 years, Ross MacDonald has created thousands of paper props for TV and film productions including Parks And Recreation, Boardwalk Empire, Baby’s Day Out and Silver Linings Playbook: documents, letters, licences – each one meticulously composed and – as this fascinating mini-documentary shows – imbued with its own backstory.


A cross-stitched ‘intervention’ on a wall in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal by artist and graphic design student Ana ‘Aheneah’ Martins consisting of 2300 screws and nearly 700m of yarn.

A celebration of the freedom of youth expressed by a digital image applied using an analogue medium.

More of her work here.


A compelling, award-winning and inevitably Oscar-bothering short by Hungarian animator Réka Bucsi.

The universe. Let her show you it.


Behold the Vanderhall Carmel Roadster – a 1.5l, turbocharged 200bhp three wheeler based on the company’s previous three cornered outing, the Venice Speedster.

Yours in 2019 (with a removable roof and three exclusive 19” wheels)  for just over €46,000.


The January 2019 cover of Marvel’s Tony Stark: Iron Man #8 by Alexander LozanoTo wit:

Tony Stark’s greatest enemy is back.

Who knew?

Everyone, apparently.


A map drafted in 1942 by geophysicist and oceanographer Athelstan Spilhaus in which the oceans take centre stage and landmass is negative space.

Mapping website La Cartographe sez:

It’s both awesome and totally confusing, The deformation is such that the American and Asian continents are completely torn apart. Europe, Africa, and South-East Asia, on the other hand, maintain a coherent form. This projection is rarely used and it is a shame!

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An impressive/terrifying move-busting interlude by Boston Dynamics quadrubot Spot Mini.

Previously in Kill All Humans related news: Cassie And Spot


Macro photography of the multi coloured hairs and iridescent scales of butterfly wings by Chris Perani.

Meticulously composed and focussed with a near zero depth of field, many involve the composition of over 2000 separate exposures.