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The fruits of a recent ‘Holy Grail’ double barn-find:

A rare 1966 Ferrari 275GTB Long Nose Alloy and a barely broken-in (18,000 miles on the clock) 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra (one of only 260 such roadsters ever made).

Yours for around €2,600,000 and €1,000,000 respectively.


In 1662, a 19 year old Isaac Newton wrote a list of all the sins he believed that he’d committed ‘before and after Whitsunday of that year’. They included:

Making pies on Sunday night

Threatning my father and mother Smith to burne them and the house over them.

Making a feather while on Thy day.

Denying that I made it.

Putting a pin in Iohn Keys hat on Thy day to pick him.

Striving to cheat with a brass halfe crowne.

Having uncleane thoughts words and actions and dreamese.

Striking many

Wishing death and hoping it to some

Denying my chamberfellow of the knowledge of him that took him for a sot.

MORE: The Newton Project

(Pic: portrait of Isaac Newton by Sir Godfrey Kneller, 1689)


Trust: a barely believable nano sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz – holder of the 2015 Guinness World Record for “The smallest sculpture of a human form”.

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This is the Arch Method 143 from Arch Motorcycles – a collaboration between actor Keanu Reeves and designer/producer Gard Hollinger.

And quite the hog it is: a 2.4l, v-twin engine in a carbon fibre frame with an upper body machined from a single piece of aluminium.

But enough about Keanu.

Only 23 of these will be made. Price tbc.


Michael Jackson’s 1982 megahit like you’ve never heard it before – soulfully covered by sitar maestro Ronobir Lahiri.


Three images from the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.

Above: Mobula rays migrating along the coast of Baja, California by Fillipo Borghi; a BSA M20 motorbike in the WW2 wreck of the SS Thistlegorm in the Red Sea off Egypt (Anders Nyberg); two male tompots face off over mating rights (Henley Spiers); a ‘spy hopping’ humpback whale and a sea otter off Shetland by Greg Lecoeur

MORE: Winners of the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest (The Atlantic)

Expats For Life twask:

From Paris to New York to Sydney & right around the world, Irish expats are becoming engaged in #8thref & mobilising to help #Savethe8th & defeat #repealthe8th. Many will be coming #hometovote. When will the media cover this instead of the constant #repealthe8th expat stories?


When you start gluing matches together, the shape of the matches (wider at the head) tends toward the form of a sphere. What to do? Youtuber All Is Art sez:

This was an experiment in how many matches it would take to get all the way around to make a perfect globe.  After months of gluing and gluing and gluing we made it to the other side.  Then the experiment shifted to see what it would look like when this thing burned. Enjoy!