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They’ve found a 10-year-old interview in Magill where he gets up and does a rumba.


It was the ch-cha-cha.

No, seriously. Matt Cooper Brian Crowley MEP and champion of disabled rights has announced his intention to seek the Fianna Fail nomination to stand run compete for the Park.

Crowley Seeks FF Presidential Nomination (RTE)

Brian Crowley MEP
(Photocall Ireland)

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The Minister for Justice has said that a recording of gardaí making remarks of a sexually suggestive and disturbing nature at a Corrib protest in Mayo was tampered with.

The recording was made following the arrest of two women at a protest against the Corrib pipeline in Co Mayo. It was revealed today that the five gardaí – who were disciplined and investigated following the release of the recording – will not face criminal charges.

Shell to Sea says it does not accept the recording was tampered with.

Spokesperson Caoimhe Kerins has said other academic files were removed from the disc before it was handed to the Garda Ombudsman, but the entire file for that day was made available.

Corrib Recording Was Tampered With (RTE)

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Vimeo clip: Mayo Policing

“The charity also confirmed that actor Liam Neeson has decided not to undertake a trip to Mozambique with the charity, because of his dissatisfaction of the dismissal. Nor will Vanessa Redgrave take part in a benefit for UNICEF, planned for the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin in September.”

UNICEF Defends Dismissal Of Verwoerd (RTE)

What say you, UNICEF Ireland Ambassador Ryan Tubridy?

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(RTE/Photocall Ireland)


“One cannot but feel some sympathy for Melanie Verwoerd who has not seen much justice in past months. Ms Verwoerd was first of all treated as the woman ‘on the side’ by Gerry Ryan who reputedly bequeathed nothing to her.

She has now been sacked by UNICEF because of the publicity surrounding Ryan’s death. If Ms Verwoerd is feeling angry, she has good reason to do so. As the ‘secondary’ woman in Ryan’s life, her personal investment in the relationship was, I am sure, far from being second best. UNICEF has now punished her further for this personal investment. A woman’s heart is her undoing in what is still very much a man’s world!”

Dr Florence Craven
Maynooth, Co Kildare

Irish Independent Letters
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A lone “blond gunman/bomber” or an ‘Al Qaeda massacre’?


Norwegian television reported early Saturday that the suspect in the twin attacks Friday that killed at least 16 people is a 32-year-old Norwegian farmer.

TV2, the country’s largest broadcaster, identified him as Anders Behring Breivik, 32, describing him as a member of “right-wing extremist groups in eastern Norway.”

Government business records list a man named Anders Behring Breivik, age 32, as sole director of a company called Breivik Geofarm. In the records, the company says its business is the “growing of vegetables, melons, roots and tubers” and reports that it has 790 employees.

Investigators said the attacker may have had accomplices, The Telegraph reported.

Terrorism experts had cautioned against assuming that the violence — a massive explosion that killed seven people in the capital, Oslo, followed by a shooting spree at a political youth conference on Utoya island in nearby Buskerud, which police said killed at least nine more — was the work of al-Qaida or another international terrorist group. They said the attacks could simply have been the actions of a disturbed individual.

“Wednesday marked the first time that Ireland’s Parliament has lambasted the Vatican, rather than local church leaders, over the past 17 years of pedophile-priest scandals in Ireland. Those revelations have eroded Catholic authority in a nation where the church still owns most schools and several hospitals, and state-run broadcasters still toll a twice-daily call to Catholic prayer.”

* Narcissism, In speech but not used by Kenny.
Bishop John Magee and Pope John Paul II

In “Angels and Demons,” Dan Brown’s prequel to “The Da Vinci Code,” an ambitious Irish priest [played by Ewan McGregor, above, in the movie of the book] who is close to the Pope almost becomes Pope himself by plotting and eliminating enemies during a papal conclave. The book’s Rev. Patrick McKenna may well have been loosely based on Bishop John Magee.


New Irish Church Inquiry Slams Bishop John Magee (Irish Central)

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