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Where were you?

A heart-gladdening compilation of images and personalities  [Including Senator Katherine Zappone and partner Ann Louise Gilligan top] and sounds from the Marriage Referendum compiled by GAZE International LGBT film festival Dublin.


Directed & Produced by Anna Rodgers; Edited by Bob Gallagher; Co-Producer Zlata Filipovic; Camera by Ken O’ Mahony, Bob Gallagher, Deirdre O’ Toole; Music by Hugh Rodgers; Online by Michael Higgins. In association with Invisible Thread Films.




Brightside founder Jonathan Frishberg and the Brightside app

Our Emily has been at the Web Summit in the RDS since Tuesday.

She phoned in the following

So what was her favourite first world problem solving ‘thing’?

Emily writes:

My favourite app I came across over the past few days is Brightside represented by the app’s creator and co-founder Jonathan Frishberg whose stand was situated in the main hall (Angel Carroll, Birghtside’s other co-founder was out on the floor networking).

Brightside works out mathematically using building measurements and meteorological data to deduce where the sun is shining on a terrace or outside a cafe and for how long to make it easier to find a good spot to enjoy a beer or coffee. Just started in Barcelona, hoping to open in Dublin soon!

Brightside on iTunes

Pic: Emily


The National Museum, Kildare Street, Dublin  this evening.

The IDA [Industrial Development Authority] Night at The Museum, a Web Summit fringe event.

Emily writes:

Bono told the approving/adoring audience that “This place” (National Museum, which is under threat of closing) is “impressive even by my rockstar megalomaniac standards”. He compared his “small man syndrome” to the one Ireland has in terms of ‘punching above our weight’, etc.,. He sang a bit of Elvis., charmed everyone and called out Enda’s mobile number….

Pics: Emily and Kevin Whitty


Eva Longoria at the currently wifi-unfriendly Dublin Web Summit in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin within the past 30 minutes.

Emily sez:

Eva shouting out to all the women (about 15% of audience) and calls on us to be mentors. Can’t remember what else she said but great legs….

More as we get it.

(images sent by courier)

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Pics: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland and Emily