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Vincent Kearns with the first ticket yesterday at Ticketmaster in St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre for the band’s concert in Croke Park on July 22.

Fans of Bono and his music say
They’ll get tickets somehow, anyway
But it seems a bit bad
Even verging on mad
When a single seat goes for 2k.

 John Moynes



Apollo House

There’s a temple to the sun god
On Dublin’s darkest street
We cleared it out, we’re knocking it
And building something sleek

But they came from the shadows
On Dublin’s darkest street
And opened empty chambers
So they could bless the meek

I wake up in Rathfarnham
The light blows cold from Wicklow hills
And no one chokes and vomits
In doorways during winter chills

I’m not a social worker
I don’t understand the facts
I don’t know if this will work
But I’ll salute the acts

Of those who clear the temples
Of rotting gods and greed
And in that place put beds and books
Give people what they need.

There’s a temple to the future
Where a sun begins to rise
As fine a gesture of this clan
As Dublin could devise.

 John Moynes

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