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150810256-c3134c94-d11d-43b7-b159-c9828e980bdfDonald Trump and golfer Rory McIlroy (both center) in the Trump International, Florida, on Sunday with Former New York Yankee player Paul O’Neill (right) and Clear Sports CEO Garry Singer (left)

A golf champion called McIllroy
Decided that he would enjoy
The chance to be seen
With Trump on the green
Far away from the mere hoi polloi

John Moynes

Pic: Clearsports


Fine Gael leadership contenders Leo Varadkar (left) and Simon Coveney at the Brexit All-Ireland Civic Dialogue in the Royal Hospital Kilmainhamin earlier this month

The mood in FG has turned sour
As two bright young things fight for power
So will this debate
Produce anything great
Or just one long amateur hour?

John Moynes